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Chemical Approval is a new module within Chemical Manager, the EcoOnline chemical management tool. It enables users to have full control over their chemical inventory, by providing a complete flow of chemical request and approval process. 

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Full control over chemical inventory

Reduce the risk of having undesirable products by introducing the request and approval flow for new product demands. This also means reducing the risk of chemical misuse that might affect health, safety, and the environment.
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Cross-functional team collaboration on decisions

Get a chemical request assessed from various perspectives before making a final decision. Reduce the risk of missing any crucial factors, such as the availability of PPE, storage compatibility, environmental permits, costs, and many more.
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Easy tracking of historical data

A single source of truth for your chemical inventory: know if a product has been requested and approved before use, track the reason why a product was rejected, get an overview of a requested product for a specific location or globally.

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Key Features of Chemical Approval

Decision-maker groups

The Chemical Board feature allows you to create multiple groups for decision-makers and split responsibilities based on location authority.

Compare & choose products

Compare several chemical products based on hazard statements, area of use, and related legislation, before selecting a final product. Product requests vary, as can the products best suited to meet those requirements.

Flexible evaluation

Involve reviewer(s) to get their opinion about chemical requests, enable them to consider a variety of factors, such as health, safety, and environment, when evaluating a request.

SDS request integration

If a requested product is not available in the EcoOnline database, it will be automatically sent to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) request queue after approval.


Supported by email notification system to ensure that the relevant people get relevant information about chemical requests and actions that should be taken.


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