Make Substituting Straightforward

Chemical Substitution Software: Easier, Faster, & Safer

Effortlessly document the process of substituting hazardous chemicals in your company with our digital tool.

  • Consider suitable alternatives more efficiently with instant insights of the hazard identifications.
  • Reduce your need for special procedures across production, use, waste management, and transport.
“Reporting system helps to identify information easily and helps to manage the control of hazardous substances. Assessment process is straightforward. Easy to use, good database, have the right information as per COSHH regulation, provide compliance, good search engine & reporting system.”

Emma Bachar, H&S Advisor, Martin Baker

Tired of your substitution process?

Substitution without the right tool is complicated and time-consuming. That’s before you begin to document your process for the authorities.


Reduce risks, make your workplace safer

Make choosing substitutes easier. Our tool compares attributes and proposes alternatives for your chemicals.

Streamline your chemical substitution

Easily compare safer alternatives. Instantly access a comprehensive overview. Substitution, simplified. 

  • Minimise the presence of hazardous chemicals in products, industry processes, and value chains.
  • Make sustainable choices with an intuitive comparison grid.
  • Replace or phase-out harmful chemicals so you can switch to more eco-friendly products.
  • Everything is saved and documented for later review.
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Key features


Make the complicated process of substituting easy with intuitive software.

cost saving

Avoid costly situations. Stay ahead of the game. Don't let new restrictions surprise you.


Our digital tool can reduce your hazardous chemicals by up to 25%.


Full overview of the entire process in a separate report.

“The information is presented in such a way that areas of concern can easily be identified. This has enabled us to close areas of concern proactively rather than waiting for an event to occur.”

Michael Armitage, EHS Manager, Siemens 
Chemical Substitution Made Easy

Skip the guesswork. Your journey towards a safer workplace starts with a chat.

When you speak with one of our in-house chemical safety experts, you get to see exactly how our software can work within your current processes to help your organisation grow a positive safety culture. 

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