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Empower Your Employees to Make Safer Chemical Choices

COSHH Assessment Software

Seamlessly manage documentation and revisions with COSHH assessment software. Help your employees manage risks associated with chemical handling and storage.

“Before Unilabs started using EcoOnline, it took a lot of work to keep the safety data sheets regularly updated to the latest versions. It was a big challenge for us to perform risk assessments of the chemicals.” 

Jeanette Norberg, Chemical Engineer, Unilabs AB

Improper chemical handling can lead to lifelong injuries

When the information and measures meant to protect employees aren’t effectively communicated it can cause a hazardous substance to become dangerous.


Taking the complexity out of compliance

Ensuring the correct information is distributed to all employees can feel like a full-time job. But when you use an intuitive reporting tool, you can make updates and easily share safety data.

COSHH Assessment Software

Chemical safety is a responsibility we all share

Manage the risks associated with using chemicals when your employees can create relevant compliant risk assessments. Plus, eliminate needless paperwork with pre-filled GHS classification information to manage documentation and control revisions.

Determine the necessary precautions you need to implement to adequately control the risks that come with handling and storing hazardous substances. With easy document management, your employees can access important information with a single scan or click.

  • Publish the latest COSHH/chemical assessments with updated revision numbers and dates. Archive the old assessments. 
  • Download PDFs of COSHH/Chemical Assessments quickly. 
  • Efficiently manage user read confirmation. 
  • Accurate hazard calculation tool that creates a complex risk matrix, outlines the severity of the risk and customises the scoring category. 
🛠️ Step by Step

Getting started is simple


Easily deliver COSHH risk assessments to your workers


Making it easy to manage the risk associated with chemical usage.


Map out different hazard groups automatically, along with the measures that need to be taken.


Step-by-step process in the creation of risk assessments.


"Great tool to look after COSHH management."  


Matthew H, Regional EHS Partner, Saint-Gobain PAM


COSHH Risk Assessment Software

Minimise chemical handling risks

When you speak with one of our in-house experts, you get to see exactly how our software can work within your current processes to help your organisation grow a positive safety culture. 

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