UFI Code & PCN Submission

Why use 2 systems – when you can do it all in ALMEGO®. With this next generation SDS authoring software, ALMEGO® offers a unique time saving option. Generate Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) codes, and handle and submit Poison Centre Notification (PCN) dossiers system-to-system from EcoOnline to ECHA’s submission portal. Complete the PCN dossier submission directly from within ALMEGO®.

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UFI and PCN tasks made a lot easier

ALMEGO®'s Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) interface allows you to communicate with the European Chemicals Agency (EHCA) API. You can submit, edit, improve, and submit your UFI/PCN dossier - and thus complete the entire task in ALMEGO®.

The direct communication also makes it possible to receive feedback on deficiencies in your submission. You can then improve the submission until you have a submission approval from ECHA.

UFI codes and submission of PCN dossiers are right now the center of attention for all chemical companies in Europe and it will require a lot of work to generate, handle and submit this new information. But now it is possible to avoid double work by doing everything in the EcoOnline SDS authoring software.

The time spend on a UFI dossier submission through ECHA’s own tools is reported to be hours. Often EcoOnline allows you to create and submit a dossier in a matter of minutes.

"The ALMEGO® system gave us an easy way to produce SDSs with different trade names and in many different languages." 

UFI - Frequently Asked Questions

What is UFI?

The Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) is a 16-character code that will be required on the label of all those of your products that are classified for health or physical hazards and placed on the market in EU.

In addition to the UFI, you are also required to submit certain information to the national poison centres on your product. This includes composition, trade name, colour, packaging, product category and toxicological information.

The UFI aims to establish an unambiguous link between the information you provide with the product you place on the market. The condition for assigning a UFI, is that all products labelled and notified with the same UFI need to share the same composition.

How will UFI be used?

The UFI and the other information you have provided, will primarily be used by poison centres in the event of an emergency call. For example, with the UFI and the trade name read directly from the product label to the poison center operator, the operator can in turn precisely identify the hazardous properties of the product involved in an incident.

What do you need to create an UFI?

To create a UFI for your mixture  that is unique to your company, you need your company’s VAT number and a mixture-specific formulation number.

Most likely your company already uses internal formulation codes. If they are numerical only – between 0 and 268 435 255 – you can use them directly in the UFI Generator. In other cases, such as when they are alphanumeric or contain other characters, you will need to first assign new formulation numbers to your mixtures that follow the required format.

It is essential that you do not re-use the same formulation number using the same VAT number when the mixtures have different compositions.

When is UFI implemented?

Annex VIII to CLP established specific compliance dates according to the end use of the product.

Whether you are making a new notification, or updating an existing one, you will have to make a notification in accordance with Annex VIII before placing the product on the market after 1 January 2021 (consumer use and professional use) or 1 January 2024 (industrial use only).

A notification must be submitted in each Member State where you intend to place your product on the market.
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