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Search, find and keep track of all your safety data sheets in one place 



A safety data sheet is a legally required document that contains information for the safe handling, use, storage and disposal of all potentially hazardous chemicals you have on site.  

Our Safety Data Sheet management team of experts work on your behalf to help you easily manage your organisation's SDS collections and chemical inventory online from any computer or mobile device. 

It gives everyone in your organisation one centralised tool to quickly and easily access accurate chemical safety information. From day one you have a populated database with your safety data sheets. All your safety data sheets will be available in PDF. We also extract all the data from the key SDS sections so you can instantly identify hazards in real time. 

With access to a large database of safety data sheets we can freely find, maintain and source the Safety Data Sheets. You will also gain full control with SDS version history and save time with automatic updates. 


 Easy to use software that relieves the SDS management burden from the user. This has simplified SDS management including revision history. SDS are now easy to access at dedicated stations for all employees. We are using tablets which are available to our ERT team at any time.“ 

- Dermot Connolly, Technical Staff Engineer Microchip Ireland. 

Key Features 

Safety Data Sheet Management

Allow us to easily source safety data sheets

SDS Request Service

Our teams will extract and summarise critical data in the SDS

Database Search

We will contact manufacturers to ensure your SDSs are kept up to date

Document Management

Enable us to distribute safety data sheets to staff

Safety Protection Sheets

Short version of the SDS created by our team

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Hannah Daly

Account Manager, EcoOnline Ireland

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