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Health and Safety Mobile App

Access important data anywhere, anytime. Our purpose built, native Android and iOS apps give mobile access to your safety system.



Incidents don’t happen behind a desk. They happen in factories, construction sites, shop floors – wherever risks occur. Our mobile app enables field workers to enter data at the point of the incident. Increased incident reporting and user adoption are just some of the benefits to having a dedicated EHS mobile application. And of course, our unyielding commitment to user experience means that this is just as straightforward as creating incidents on the full browser-based version. 

In many instances, field workers may not have an internet connection when events occur. Our mobile app allows users to continue working and sync your incident data when connection becomes available. 


The real-time custom dashboard, charts, and mobile app capabilities are truly remarkable. The new advancements and technological features that are coming soon will further enhance our reporting capabilities.”

Joel Johnson, Global Safety Specialist, Silgan

Key Features 

Anywhere. Any Time.

Access from any device, purpose-built iOS and Android apps and a single code-base ensures regular security and functionality updates.

Incident Management

Record incidents at source, easily attach any file type and document first-hand witness statements.

Audit Management

Conduct audits directly into your system, reduce work duplication and paper waste, assign corrective actions and track actions through to completion.

Offline Working

Continue working even when no signal is available and sync your work when connections available. Perfect for remote or loan workers.

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