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With everything in one, centralized location, Valvoline Oil A/S has gone fully digital with EcoOnline’s chemical management solution, which has granted complete transparency into all chemical products and helped strengthen customer relationships.   

Since 1957, Valvoline Oil A/S has offered quality products and support to customers in the automotive industry. Based in Skedsmokorset, this family-owned company specialises in distributing lubricants including oil, grease, coolants and more to customers all over Norway. Providing customers with years of expertise in this industry is what this organisation is known for.  

We had the chance to speak with Ketil Hansen, a Sales and Product Manager at Valvoline Oil A/S, who explained how EcoOnline’s chemical management solution has given the team a 360-degree view into all chemical products, simplifying the distribution and update process of safety data sheets to customers. A proud EcoOnline customer for over 18 years, Valvoline Oil A/S is pleased to report they are never going back to paper again. 





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The Challenge

One of the main challenges Valvoline Oil A/S was facing was managing all safety data sheets using a paper-based system. This proved ineffective and inefficient because it required a lot of time and effort to maintain. It also wasn't the optimum method to provide customers with the information they needed.  

Using paper also made it difficult to gain insight into all the chemical products located on site. Ketil and his team had little visibility and found it challenging to find the information they needed, as it was scattered in different locations. This ultimately led to data silos which were hard to break down.  

These silos also made it challenging to distribute safety data sheets and updated SDS’s to their customers. Using paper made it hard to track which customers needed information and at what time, as they have a distribution list of approximately 600 customers to manage.

Whenever there was a product update, for example, the team would have to print out all the necessary safety data sheets for all customers using this product, carry them all over to the post office, and send them out in a timely manner so customers had the most up to date information.  

“We used a manual system where we managed and sent out all the safety data sheets by paper to our customers. That was a lot of work because it was time-consuming, and we weren't always able to distribute safety data sheets effectively or at the right time.”


Ketil Hansen, Sales and Product Manager, Valvoline Oil A/S

The team realized this method was not sustainable for the company or their customers, so they began looking for an alternative. Norway is a highly digitized country where technology is used in all aspects of society, so going digital was a natural solution.

After looking at several digital products on the market, Valvoline Oil A/S realized that EcoOnline’s chemical management solution was the only one which could deliver all their needs and more!

Why Valvoline Oil A/S Chose EcoOnline's Chemical Manager

“EcoOnline is simple to use. Everything is now within one portal which is a great benefit, because we can see all our information in one place. This platform is also easy for our customers to use, making distributing information to them much more effective.”

Ketil Hansen, Sales and Product Manager, Valvoline Oil A/S

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Smooth Implementation

Within a couple of months, the entire team at Valvoline Oil A/S was using this digital tool. Implementing the solution was smooth and all employees soon grew to enjoy using EcoOnline, as it helped simplify their job tasks. Rather than having to manage mountains of paper, they could simply update the information in the digital solution and electronically distribute it to customers in a few clicks.

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Empowered Employees

With a robust, digital tool within the palm of their hands, team members at Valvoline Oil A/S are now able to efficiently distribute safety data sheets in less time. This cloud-based solution also makes it possible for employees to complete tasks no matter where they may be located, empowering them with the ability to provide customer support from anywhere. 


Stronger Customer Relationships

Because employees are able to complete tasks faster and save more time, the team is now able to focus on strengthening customer relationships. Providing customers with safety data sheets, updated information and more in a timely manner, has helped strengthen Valvoline Oil A/S’s relationship with their customers.  

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Long-Lasting Partnerships

They are also able to provide their support to help protect their customers using the products. This is done through chemical revisions and substitution routines, as well as updated safety data sheets to keep them compliant with regional regulations. They are also able to help customers build a chemical database using the EcoOnline solution. At this stage, customers are not only receiving the expertise the company is so well known for, but they are also building long-lasting partnerships. 

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“Safety means a lot,” says Ketil. “We’re invested in protecting our customers who use our products and EcoOnline has helped us maintain strong customer relationships and grow our business.” 

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