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Streamlining EHS with Health & Safety software

With EcoOnline's cloud-based solution, Chubb’s Canadian EHS team is now able to streamline operations and capture real-time data, while saving time and resources. Having access to a mobile application has empowered employees and significantly enhanced communication within a remote workforce.

With a global team spanning four continents, Chubb Fire and Security has redefined fire safety and security to protect people around the world. The dynamic teams work together to provide best-in-class services to a range of industries, creating safer environments for the past 200 years. Specializing in fire safety and security, Chubb offers installation, maintenance, and monitoring services to keep organizations safe. 

An EcoOnline customer since 2019, EHS manager Kinan Aboujamra, explained how using digital solution has allowed his team to join the future of safety: "Every service company should be using EcoOnline. It is the greatest tool because it is a fully integrated solution for health and safety."

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How Chubb overcame inefficient manual processes

A significant challenge for Kinan and his team was the amount of time required to manage manual processes. They were previously reliant on a paper and Excel-based system for all their safety needs and key performance indicators.  

Considerable time and resources were consumed by this cumbersome process. This resulted in inefficiency and the inability to scale their program. Employees also felt a lack of motivation to log and record inspections on paper due to the time-consuming process. 

Another challenge was connecting a team of hundreds of technicians who all work remotely. Relying on paper made it difficult to follow up on activities. Information would often be stale by the time it reached the management team and communicating information or receiving real-time updates from the field was difficult. 

"It was time consuming, resource consuming and not efficient for a dynamic team like Chubb," said Kinan. 

"Information has to flow directly from management to all remote workforces to instantly communicate documents, lessons learned, and training materials. Chubb’s work is based on remote teams, and we needed an efficient system that allows information to flow back to headquarters where we can analyze the day-to-day work that has been done.


Kinan Aboujamra, EHS Manager, Chubb Fire and Security

Why Chubb chose EcoOnline

Kinan knew a paper-based system would not be sustainable for the long term. He recognized it was time to look for a digital safety solution which would help to streamline processes. In the fall of 2018, he was introduced to EcoOnline and never looked back.

“From the very first demo, EcoOnline caught our eye,” Kinan said. “It was exactly what we were looking for.”
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How EHS software helped Chubb employees simplify their daily tasks

After nine months, EcoOnline was fully rolled out to Chubb’s EHS teams and technicians. To create greater employee buy-in, they held monthly meetings and webinars to introduce and explain the benefits of this new digital tool and how it would help make their jobs easier.

The mobile application helped to empower the teams, as they could complete their work without interruption while out on the field. This created greater accountability among the workforce as all safety activities were now tracked and linked to a scorecard. 

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Greater savings in time and cost

Chubb has also seen greater savings in time and cost with everything housed in one, easily accessible solution. Kinan calculated a 56% reduction in administrative time required.

This also helped them streamline their teams, therefore cutting costs. With everything in one location, Chubb has gained greater transparency into their safety activities. 


insights with reporting analytics

Increased insights with real-time data

With greater transparency into their safety activities, Chubb were able to build a scorecard that showcases key information for the business. 

This included data on inspection completion rates and statuses, training completion rates, safety profiles for every employee, documents which have been read, and much more.

This allowed Kinan and his teams the ability to quickly pinpoint any areas of weakness and also to be proactive in strengthening them.



shift from reactive to proactive safety

More proactive safety, less messy paperwork

"EcoOnline is an inclusive tool for health and safety, where training, inspections, action items, and more are all in one place. We can rely on this tool to help us manage risks," said Kinan. 

With the EcoOnline solution, Chubb had the ability to scale new heights to meet the demands within their business and industry.

Laying the foundations for a strong safety culture

“Our technicians are the spine of the company,” Kinan said. “They are our most valuable asset due to the experience they have and their passion for their work.”

Chubb can now connect a remote workforce of hundreds of technicians with the help of one digital solution. Information flows between management and the frontlines with ease, so management can keep up with all activities as they happen and quickly communicate any necessary updates or changes.

Chubb have also received their Certificate of Recognition (COR) in Alberta. The EcoOnline solution has helped to maintain Chubb’s certification as it has supported the team in complying with COR program requirements and implementing corrective actions for uncovered COR non-conformances. It has also streamlined the process of sharing records and data with the external auditor.

One of the most notable impacts is building the right environment to help cement a stronger safety culture. The workforce is now aware of the part they play in safety and the value that brings to creating a safer workplace.

With EcoOnline, Kinan and his team have peace of mind to be able to mitigate risks quickly and to get their people home safely. 

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When asked what advice Kinan would give his peers in the industry who continue to use traditional paper-based systems, he responded, “Get into the fast lane. Digital software saves time, resources, costs, and gives you the ability to capture real-time data, manage documents, and create employee accountability.” 

EcoOnline is honored to work with Chubb Fire and Security to continue their mission to keep people safe around the world through their innovative services and hardworking technicians.

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