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Menzies Aviation Case Study

Access to Robust Data to Mitigate Risks Efficiently and Effectively

EcoOnline’s EHS platform has given Menzies Aviation the ability to analyze and trend real-time data to more accurately pinpoint where risk is emerging 

Menzies Aviation is the leading service partner to the world’s airports and airlines, with operations on six continents, at more than 255 airports in 60-plus countries, serving more than 4 million flights a year and handling over 2 million tons of cargo. Supported by a team of over 40,000 highly trained people, the company provides complex and time-critical ground services, including passenger, lounge and ramp services; air cargo services, including handling, warehousing and wholesale freight forwarding; and fuel services, including fuel farm management and into-plane fueling. 

Menzies Aviation is recognized across the industry for delivering the safest, most secure and sustainable services tailored to customers’ needs and is essential to keeping passengers, aircraft and cargo moving, round the clock, every minute of every day.  

Safety and security are Menzies number one priority. Menzies embraces innovative tools, such as the EcoOnline Solution, to continuously improve its positive safety and security culture that strives for zero injuries and zero damage. MORSE – Menzies Operating Responsibly Safely and Effectively – is part of the company’s DNA and enables every employee to be motivated to follow the rules because they want to. 

Graham Cowing, the Vice President of Group Safety Standards, shared how EcoOnline’s EHS platform has given them the ability to analyze and trend real-time data to more accurately pinpoint where risk is emerging.  

“To understand risk, we need to be able to measure it consistently throughout our global network. All risk events and incidents are entered into EcoOnline’s EHS system, which we refer to as MORSE, where we can then extract and analyze the data so we gain a better understanding of where our highest risks are. We can then support the business through specific safety and security initiatives to mitigate those risks.”  









hazard and near miss reports in 2022

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The Challenge

A key challenge for Menzies’ Group Safety Standards team was having a comprehensive overview of its safety and security data. Analytics provide vital insight into where hazards originate and their root causes, which can then be mitigated through a range of actions. The team wanted to empower the frontline workforce to report hazards as and when they spotted them so the business could react quickly and take proactive actions in other locations to minimize the risk.  


“We wanted access to real-time data that could be shared instantaneously on a group and local level and to ensure we can mitigate risks to create safe work environments for our people." 


Graham Cowing, VP of Group Safety Standards, Menzies Aviation

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The Solution

The introduction of EcoOnline’s EHS platform in 2019 enabled the team to implement a more proactive approach to safety and security thanks to the digital solution. 

Graham and his team are now able to get a 360-view of all hazards, as they have the ability to access real-time data. They and many of their regional colleagues can create graphs, reports, and dashboards to help them understand their leading and lagging indicators better. They can identify potential threats and alert key stakeholders to manage their mitigation programs.  


Global Access to Real-Time Data

What’s more, this data is automatically updated in all relevant dashboards no matter where a team member is located. If something happens in one airport in Australia, for instance, and Graham is in the UK, he can instantly see the change in the data when he accesses the software.  

“EcoOnline brings alive the ability to track data in a way that is customizable and allows us to see exactly what is happening. We can now extract, trend and analyze the data with live reports and dashboards, and make these dashboards available all around the world so different locations can individually track their own performance. We have data for every location and business unit and you can filter down to whatever you need, wherever you are.”  - Graham Cowing, Vice President of Group Safety Standards, Menzies Aviation 


Crystal-Clear View

Today, the team can drill down into the data and get key insights from all levels ranging from region, sub-region and station even down to the individual business unit. Alerts are also put in place where team members get an email or text message, depending on their role and where they are located. With a crystal-clear view of the data, key stakeholders within Menzies Aviation can quickly manage threats and risks, then put the necessary corrective actions in place to ensure the ongoing safety of its operations and people.   


When reporting of hazards increases, incidents decrease

The data has shown that when reporting of hazards increases, incidents decrease. Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, which created a number of challenges for the wider aviation industry, the EcoOnline EHS platform (MORSE) solution has shown an increase of hazard reporting and decrease in serious incidents.

As more employees engage with the reporting tool, this trend is expected to continue. Menzies employees can conduct ad-hoc hazard inspections using mobile devices. They simply identify the hazard, take a photo, fill in relevant notes, and submit it electronically.

This simplified procedure has led to a 300% increase in employee hazard reporting between 2021 and 2022.


Inspiring a 40,000-strong workforce

Menzies Aviation holds two MORSE weeks each year, which shine a spotlight on safety and security. Global and local initiatives help reinforce and celebrate the positive MORSE culture. The company also recognizes employees living its values everyday with its annual, We Are Menzies Awards. Safety & security is one of five values and also one of the awards. Combined, these global initiatives help to engage and inspire the 40,000-strong workforce to be safe and secure because they want to be, not because they have to.


Explore how EcoOnline's EHS Platform Can Help You

“If you want to be an industry leader, you’ve got to know where your risks are. We want to make sure all our people go home safely at the end of their shift. Their safety and security are our number one priority and EcoOnline’s EHS platform (MORSE) is a tool that supports this,” concluded Graham.

Working with Menzies Aviation to keep their people and operations safe has been a privilege! We cannot wait to see what is in store for the future of this organization.

Discover how EcoOnline can help you meet your safety and security goals today by exploring our solution.

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