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Pruitt Tool & Supply Co.

6 Years. Zero Lost Time Injuries. 

After 6 years with zero lost time injuries (LTIs), Pruitt Tool and Supply Co. is spearheading safety in the oil and gas manufacturing and service industry. As a family-owned organization that works with rotating control devices and managed pressure drilling, from building and assembly to renting and servicing this equipment, safety is viewed as not only a priority but as everyone’s responsibility. Seen as much more than just a company slogan, “Doing the Right Thing” is a mantra the Pruitt workforce lives by. 

As an eCompliance customer, one of the many solutions offered by EcoOnline Global, we had the pleasure to virtually sit down with Matt Frederick, the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager at corporate headquarters in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Since 2019, the team at Pruitt has been using eCompliance to help them achieve several safety milestones. 

With 10 locations across North America, Matt shared how our technology-led EHS solution has helped connect their workforce and bridge the gap between team members, streamline processes, and engage front-line workers.  

“Pruitt wouldn't be where it is today without our relationship with the EcoOnline team,” shared Matt. “We wouldn't have as good of a HSE program.”

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The Challenge

Time-consuming, manual processes were a challenge that the Pruitt team faced. This made it harder to manage HSE events across all 10 locations, because everything was done on paper or Excel spreadsheets. This resulted in only one to two basic inspections a month as the processes were so slow and tedious. This led to more pressure being put on employees, because it took so much time and energy.  

Another key challenge was the standardization of all key elements across the organization. This included everything from documents and forms to training and reporting. The team needed a uniform way of doing things to fluently perform all HSE responsibilities.  

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"HSE technology paired with our safety strategy has allowed us to further engage the workforce and achieve our safety targets." 

Matt Frederick – HSE Manager – Pruitt Tool and Supply Co.

The Solution

eCompliance has allowed the team at Pruitt to streamline job tasks and boost productivity, even while working remotely. With a newfound sense of structure, this cloud-based, technology-led EHS solution has given the workforce the ability to ensure information is fully – and digitally - accessible. Once eCompliance was implemented, it allowed everyone to rely less on paper and transform their program’s processes. 

For example, they have now built an entire library of forms for employees to choose from to streamline their job tasks. Some of these forms include: 

  • RISK cards 
  • Daily cleaning checklists  
  • Monthly safety inspection checklists 
  • Toolbox talk forms 
  • Safe work permits 
  • Incident investigations 
  • Vehicle inspection checklists 
  • And so much more! 
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An empowered workforce

Needless to say, the mobile app and the software’s cloud-based system was another huge advantage for Pruitt. As the team is no longer tethered to a computer, they’re now empowered and have the freedom to complete everything from their devices. There’s nothing like being able to complete forms and inspections at any time from any location. 

"It has created a better culture, with employees being able to have the ability to report any unsafe conditions while working anywhere throughout our sites,” shared Matt. 

24/7 Safety Access

With the help of a digital EHS solution, Pruitt has also been able to ensure information is never lost and always accessible. Before using a digital solution, the team used to place all documentation in a file cabinet, without the ability to trace information. Now with eCompliance, employees can find whatever document or piece of information they need in a matter of seconds, with a few clicks on their device. 

With Pruitt’s safety program completely digitized, they have greater transparency to create a more proactive approach. This 360-degree insight helped give them the tools needed to track patterns and trends, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to mitigate risks on-site. 

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RISK Card Program

Pruitt has also developed what is known as RISK Cards or Reducing Incidents by Sharing Knowledge, to actively reduce incidents and risks. With these documents built within eCompliance, the team have the ability to share information easily to increase visibility and mitigate risks.  

“Reporting risk through our RISK card program, is literally saving lives and preventing injuries by recognizing hazards in areas where we can improve safety in the workplace,” Matt told us.  

These safety initiatives, in addition to utilizing eCompliance, has created a safer place to work and helped build a stronger safety culture. Since implementation, the workforce is more committed to safety, seen in participation and engagement rates which have skyrocketed. Not to mention the incredible number of days recorded without a lost time injury! 

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With a commitment to safety and a digital EHS system working side by side, the Pruitt workforce have been able to stay proactive and mitigate risks quickly and efficiently. Not only has this helped them drive safety performance, but they’ve ultimately been able to protect all team members.  

Going 6 years with zero lost time incidents is a huge safety accomplishment and we’re honored to be part of Pruitt Tool and Supply Co.’s journey. This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the team. 

Interested in discovering more about how you can streamline safety with our digital solution? Speak to one of our representatives today! 

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