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Now anyone can easily create and manage health & safety checklists digitally. EcoOnline EHS Checklist module enables users to add categories and associated questions to multiple checklist types. Checklists can be completed across multiple areas in the business by different persona types.

Digital checklists - ticking all the boxes!



Many organisations don't use digital checklists for their environmental, health, and safety activities. Instead, they manually download or print checklists to perform at a site or organisation. These checklists are not easy to configure. It's not easy to change checklist types and the associated questions and categories. There is little to no audit trail for actions or tasks performed. Weak analytics and insights mean users can't improve best practices in their organisations.

EcoOnline Checklist module enables users to create and manage digital health & safety checklists. Users can now add categories and associated questions to many kinds of checklist. These checklist types can be completed across many areas in the business by different persona types. Checklist module is suitable for companies of all sizes. 

Why use health & safety checklists?
A health & safety checklist is a tool that enables best practices and helps you comply with safety regulations. Use Checklist module to perform regular checks. Then identify areas for improvement and take action to ensure safe working environments.


Checklist Benefit 1

Digital solution

Choose from multiple checklist types which can can be completed across multiple areas in the business by different persona types.

Some examples of these assessment types are:
  • General Industry Safety Checklist
  • Fall Protection Checklist
  • PPE Checklist
  • Fire Safety Checklist
Checklist Benefit 2

List import for quick, easy module set up

Quickly and easily import multiple checklist types that are ready to use in the system.

In-system admin to add/remove individual checklists, categories, or questions.

Permissions and controls that control access to different checklist types that allows organisation control.

Ready to use out of the box after imports.
Checklist Benefit 3

Fully configurable

Configure the Checklist module with custom fields, which include attachments and risk matrices.

Ability to distribute checklists across the organisation via our read and understood function

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“When comparing solutions from different vendors during the procurement phase, we found that EcoOnline's OSH software is of a high standard. Compared to similar solutions for former experiences, I have been positively surprised.”


Key Features 

Digitally configure checklist types

Create health & safety checklists digitally and an electronic audit trail. Throw paper in the bin.

Create custom categories and questions

Less restrictive than using a paper system that allows questions or categories to be added at any time.

Checklist Read & Understood

Distribute health & safety checklists and insights across the organisation

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