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Protect your lone workers wherever they are with a Lone Worker GPS tracker

Discover a cost-effective satellite tracking solution that’s designed with your lone workers (and their privacy concerns) top of mind.    

Demonstration of lone worker gps tracker satellite functionality on devices

Signal problems? Struggling to pinpoint the exact location and status of your lone workers?

Discover the safety possibilities when your lone workers can easily pair their smartphone to a compact and easy-to-manage compatible Garmin satellite device.  

Over 100,000 employees kept safe globally every day 

100% global connectivity using the iridium network 

Easy-to-use, cost-effective satellite tracking solution for remote workers 

Simply pair your phone to a compatible Garmin satellite device

Group of devices including Garmin using satellite mode

Imagine having the power to safeguard your lone workers even when they are working in areas of no signal.

Speak with an expert today to discover how Satellite Mode can protect your lone workers in the world’s most remote areas. 


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Whatever your industry, whatever their location – provide your lone workers with 100% connectivity 

  • Oil, gas and mining
    Ensure the safety of your staff working in challenging and remote terrains or out at sea 
  • Construction
    Safeguard your construction workers, even on the most remote sites 
  • Logistics and transport
    Secure the well-being of your drivers across long-haul routes 
  • Field services and utilities
    Enable your field engineers to stay connected, even in areas with no cellular coverage 

Gain peace of mind that you can easily (and cost-effectively!) protect your team in the most remote parts of the world 

No signal, no worries. When no signal is available, Satellite Mode automatically switches to Garmin, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. 

This allows your lone worker to continue using the app on their phone without interruptions, whether they are connected via Wi-Fi, data, or satellite. 

A wireframe globe
Global connectivity

We use Iridium’s satellite network – the only network to span the entire globe.

An icon featuring a hexagon and a gear
Full app functionality

Satellite mode is compatible with all features including panic alerts, welfare checks, fall detection, quick start and driving mode.

A flow chart depicting a network
Seamless workflow

The app automatically utilises the best available connection for a seamless user experience.

A location pin
what3words integration

Integrated with what3words to ensure help is sent to the right place.

A set of binoculars
Hub monitoring

Any users connected via satellite are monitored in your cloud-based Hub, alongside your other employees.

An icon featuring a group of four people
Share between teams

Satellite devices can be easily shared among users, removing the need for manual allocation.

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Karen Arkinstall
Systems Manager

"Part of the value provided to Veolia and our employees is the ability to easily raise an alarm and get help, or, if an incident occurs, be easily located by emergency services."


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panic mode on phone using satellite mode

Satellite Mode makes uninterrupted connectivity a reality

Remote areas of low or no signal can be a black hole when it comes to protecting lone workers.   

With Satellite Mode, you can relax in the knowledge that your lone workers have access to 100% global connectivity.