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Take control of your corporate social responsibilities within your business with our CSR reporting software
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Streamline your CSR performance metrics with CSR Reporting Software

Elevate your corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting by centralising all your data in one easily accessible software, powered by Ecometrica. Not only does this give you a clear view of your CSR performance metrics, but CSR reporting software also helps optimise data collection, calculation, and analysis to help you truly understand the impact your business is having on society.  

 “The move to the platform has been a success - the system is intuitive and easy to use, and the support of the team has been excellent. I particularly value the way the team tries to put themselves in our shoes to understand our reporting needs.”

Oliver Dudok van Heel, Head of Client Sustainability and Environment, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Around the globe, businesses struggle to collect their corporate social responsibility data

Corporate social responsibility data can be challenging to collect

Collecting CSR performance metrics is no easy feat without the right processes in place. Not to mention the fact that these metrics may stretch across multiple offices, teams and geographies.  


Misalignment with your respective CSR framework could cost your business

Misalignment with your respective framework could cost your business

Not only does your corporate social responsibility data have to be accurate, but it must also align with the framework your business is reporting to in terms of calculations and format. Misalignment could cost your organisation its reputation and credibility with investors.  

Say hello to our robust CSR reporting software, powered by Ecometrica

EcoOnline's CSR reporting software acts as a social impact reporting tool, allowing you to easily track activities across your organisation to maintain compliance. 


EcoOnline's CSR reporting tool has a number of tools to help you gather data
  • Digitise and centralise all corporate social responsibility data in one platform 
  • Use this data for multiple protocols, outputs, and reports without worrying about version control or formula changes 
  • Visualise and track your impact down to the asset level using dynamic dashboards  
  • Customise your CSR performance metrics to fit your respective ESG framework 

🛠️ Step by Step

How EcoOnline's CSR Reporting Software Works

Ditch paper and Excel-based processes and go digital, centralising all your data and records in one platform. 

Boost efficiency with greater insight into CSR performance metrics

Questionnaire collections

Build a strong foundation by utlising a customised questionnaire, tailor-made to your organisation’s specific CSR reporting needs.

Framework Alignment

Assess and anlayse your data to fit the framework your business is reporting to such as the UN SDGs, LBG, GRI, or the UN PRI.

Supplier Engagement

Get the data you need from your suppliers, including quantitative and qualitative data, to better understand the impact within your supply chain.

Frequently asked questions

What is corporate social responsibility?

Corporate social responsibility is a concept which helps hold businesses accountable to the impact they have on society. Many organisations choose to contribute to their community in positive ways and make more sustainable decisions when it comes to the environment, to display a sense of corporate social responsibility.  

What are examples of activities that would qualify?

Several ESG-related activities would qualify when it comes to corporate social responsibility. This includes (but is not limited to) reducing GHG emissions and the organisation’s carbon footprint, volunteering and donating to the community, as well as enhancing health and safety at the workplace.  

How do you properly measure CSR metrics?

Many organisations have different approaches when it comes to measuring their CSR activities, as there’s really no one size fits all. Before getting started, agree on your KPIs and goals for the year. You can use the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a benchmark as well as the following KPIs to get you started: employee satisfaction, diversity and inclusion, staff turnover rate, community involvement, water consumption.  
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Get in touch with one of our in-house experts to explore how we can help streamline your CSR reporting needs to give you the proper insight to make a positive impact on your community.  

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