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EcoOnline provide a variety of training courses for companies in a wide range of industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemical and food manufacturing. The following is a list of training courses we provide. We can also develop site specific courses to suit your particular needs.

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From risk assessments, to audits and chemical handling. We can create a tailored solution for your needs and train your team to feel confident and promote a safety-first environment.
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  • First class trainers with real world experience.
  • Wide variety of industry specific training courses.
  • Flexible in relation to training programmes, durations, and locations.
  • Tailored corporate group training.
  • Flexible distance learning options for some courses.
  • Visual electronic slides and interactive learning.

Training courses we provide

COVID-19: Return to Work

This training has been developed to inform employers and employees about the risks and steps to take to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

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Ergonomic Risk Assessment

EcoOnline can assist your organisation in complying with DSE/ Ergonomic legislative requirements and improving the comfort and safety of your employees.

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Chemical Agent Risk Assessment

Our chemical agent risk assessment training can provide your employees with the necessary skills to perform chemical risk assessments to the required industry standards.

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Chemical Safety Awareness including Spill Control

Our chemical safety awareness training offers a comprehensive understanding of the hazards and risks associated with chemical substances.

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Liquid Nitrogen Awareness

The course aims to provide an understanding of the hazards associated with working with liquid nitrogen.

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ADR and/or IMDG Awareness

These courses are to assist personnel involved in the transport of dangerous goods by road or sea to undertake training in accordance with the regulations.

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Transport of Patient Specimens by Road and/or Air

The main aim of this course is to provide training to staff on the correct method of transporting patient specimens by road and air.

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Segregation of Healthcare Risk Waste

This training provides information on the segregation and packaging of healthcare risk waste in accordance with the regulations.

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Medical Gas Safety Awareness

EcoOnline provide this training to ensure employers compliance with Health and Safety legislation in providing adequate training in Medical Gas Safety.

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