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Free CPD Webinar

Best Practice in Managing Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)

Attend our free CPD Accredited webinar to understand how to get the basics right when it comes to work-related road safety. You will come away with a better understanding of road risks and preventative actions to secure high road safety standards for your workforce. 


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Webinar Details

Date: 9th November
Time: 2:00 - 3:15pm GMT

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Driving for work is a high-risk activity. People who drive for work are 40% more likely than other drivers to be involved in a collision and it's estimated that up to one third of all road traffic accidents involve someone who was at work at the time.

Road Safety should be a critical part of our everyday policies and mindset, but figures show incident rates are on an incline, resulting in devastation impacting lives, families and organisations. Companies play a big role in keeping their driving workers and road-users safe, whether that be through safety campaigns, training and culture or vehicle maintenance.
In this webinar, our expert panel will describe how you can implement a comprehensive WRRR management process, focusing on best practise and practical examples. We will touch on: 

  • The WRRR Landscape including issues and stats
  • Why Manage WRRR - your moral, legal and ethical obligations
  • Associated risks 
  • Benefits of managing WRRR
  • The rise of the "forgotten many” (Grey Fleet)
  • What does a proactive "best practice" approach look like (and helping drivers be safer at work)  
  • How can technology help?
  • Practical examples 

Our Speakers

Dr Jim Golby, PhD Chartered Fellow CIPD

Director, Research & Customer Experience

Applied Driving Techniques

Jim has been involved with Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) since 2003. He is an “Expert Panel” Member for the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), a former Brake & CIPD award winner, is secretary of EMIG’s HR Group and a member of the Brake’s “Global Fleet Champions” Steering Group. 

Julie Davies
Julie Davies

Group Fleet & Plant Compliance Manager


Julie has over 25 years’ experience in the transport industry. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of transport and holds a certificate in professional competence in both HGV & PSV.  Julie is currently responsible for the management of all Amey Operator License’s and the compliance of the companies’ 4,500 mixed vehicle fleet. She plays a key role on the Logistics UK Regional Council and the Utilities Services Group. 

Sarah MacGregor

Senior Strategic Manager


Sarah previously worked in the railway industry as a PTSD Counsellor, dealing with major incidents/fatalities. She has been involved in HSE consultation exercises and is a recipient of an “Outstanding Personal Achievement” award as part of National Women’s Day for work. She is now a Senior Strategic Manager in EcoOnline.