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| occupational safety
World Mental Health Day 2019

In honor of World Mental Health day, it is important to take care of yourself when the stresses of life become too...

| occupational safety
The Cost and Causes to Poor Health & Safety in the Workplace

Every year, thousands of people in the UK are forced to take time off work due to health and safety - related issues....

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| Incident Reporting
Near Miss Reporting: A Different Approach to a Familiar Challenge

Struggling with near miss reporting in your workplace? Consider this near miss example: A worker is walking through a...

| occupational safety
The Importance of Protecting Your Eyes In the Workplace

To anyone who thinks eye protection may not be a crucial component of PPE in the workplace, think again. Nearly three...

| Health and Safety Laws
UK Company fined £1 million after two employees suffer burns

Last week the Health & Safety Executive announced that a UK company was fined 1 million after two employees suffered...

| safety culture
How to Set up Effective Health and Safety Committees

Health and safety committees over the past few years have become very effective ways of gaining stronger employee...

| occupational safety
8 Best Practices to Improve Construction Site Safety

Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions. And work on the job site is where most accidents occur....

| chemical safety
Chemdoc App

EHS Managers are typically on the move within sites, across departments and often across multiple site locations. Being...

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