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Provide easy access to all workers about chemicals that they may be exposed to in the workplace 

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Chemicals are associated with a wide range of physical and health hazards so making sure employees have instant access to important information in relation to coming into contact or handling chemicals is imperative.  

Our Employee Right to Know tool provides immediate access to chemical information such as locations and products. Smart features such as QR Codes and shareable direct links gives your organization important safety protocols, in a manner and language that employees can understand. 

Training employees to understand labels on harmful chemicals helps ensure proper handling and storage and that employees are given the tools to quickly locate important information in a first-aid situation.  


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“It is a very user friendly software system which manages all our Safety Data Sheets. It provides us with peace of mind knowing that all the documents are up to date at all times.”

 - Kevin Phelen,Health and Safety Manager Glanbia 

Key Features 

Accurate Compliance

Immediate access to the information that you need quickly

Safety Culture

Reduce the potential for accidental exposure

Streamlined Process

Ensure that everybody has access to the information at all times

Full Transparency

Share information with employees


Trusted by over 6,700 clients worldwide

We have over 20 years’ experience working with multiple industries across the globe which is why our software offers unrivalled solutions in an industry that is constantly changing.  

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Hannah Daly

Account Manager, EcoOnline Ireland

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