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Contractor Management

Reduce the burden of managing contractor safety

Contractor management software simplifies the process of collecting and storing contractor data. You'll minimise risk and save time when complex contractor information like incident reporting and safety observations are automatically connected to your central EHS system. 


“The aim is to systematically develop a safety culture and safety management. We were looking for a flexible tool that will not take time to build, but can focus our energy on our core competencies.”

Hannu Seppä, Security and OHS Manager, Framery 

Say goodbye to information silos

As a health and safety leader, it's your responsibility to manage contractor data and have them participate in their health and safety programs. But the important information you need isn't always available (or easy to get).


No more chasing down reports, audits, or certifications

Compiling analytics to build risk profiles is next to impossible when just finding the information you need it so challenging. Costing you valuable time and potential non-compliance in safety participation.

Contractor Management Software

Easily view contractor information

With certifications, insurance coverage, and type of work information available at your fingertips you'll finally have time to focus on those projects you've been meaning to finish. 



No more tracking down paperwork left on job sites. Contractors can do inspections, report incidents, corrective action, risk assessments, audits, and safety observations directly into the contractor management module. 

Plus, ensure traceability and receive confirmation the contractors have read the permit document with a system that integrates with Permit-to-Work software.

With Contractor Management Software you can: 

  • Analyse data
  • Build risk profiles for each contractor​
  • Maintain contracting company details
  • Cross-reference for Permit issuance
  • Fulfil ISO 45001 requirement and OHSAS 18001 requirements 
🛠️ Step by Step

Getting started is simple


Contractor Management Software simplifies your day 

Centralise contractor records

Approve or reject contractor submissions and documents to ensure up-to-date accounts.

Record linking abilities

Get consistent information when you can link contractor records throughout EcoOnline EHS Modules.

Contractor Access EcoOnline EHS

Contractors can actively participate in safety programs with access to standard EHS functionality.

Easily search contractor information

Maintain contactor details and cross-reference permit insurance in one convenient system.

Analytics and Reports

Make faster and more informed decisions with access to current data.

User-friendly system

With real-time updates and visibility, you'll gain back the hours you used to spend on paperwork.

“With EcoOnline's digital solutions, we have taken occupational safety management to the next level.”

Laura Eskola, HR Manager, Chromaflo Technologies Finland Group 

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When you speak with one of our in-house EHS experts, you get to see exactly how our software can work within your current processes to help your organisation grow a positive safety culture. 

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