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How safety management software can help you achieve ISO certification

Written by Dina Adlouni

Published August 15, 2023

Achieving ISO 45001 certification can be an arduous task. There are multiple requirements you’ll need to fulfil. Making sure all your documents are in order, your safety processes are refined, and data is accounted for, are just a few of the many steps needed when you’re preparing for an upcoming audit. When you try to juggle all these tasks using a paper-based system or Excel spreadsheet it’s not only time-consuming, but you’re also prone to make normal human errors.   

Technology can help simplify this process and your journey to ISO certification. Read on to discover how health and safety management software can not only make achieving ISO certification easier but help you maintain it for years to come.  

5 Ways Health and Safety Management Software Can Simplify Your ISO 45001 Certification Process

You can break down silos within your organization, improve communication, and gain a 360-degree view of all things safety to streamline your ISO certification process. How? With the help of a digital safety management system, you can gain greater insight into your safety program.  

Let’s dive into this and more, with the following 5 ways health and safety management software can simplify your certification process.  

1. Central repository for safety information

With everything in one platform, you can think of your digital safety management system as your central repository of information. This will give you greater insight into your safety program and allow you to break down silos, making it easier to uncover any deficiencies or weaknesses. Once these elements are identified, you can then prioritize areas of concern, and put a plan in place to correct these nonconformances.  

With a digital system, you can streamline the process to check whether you are compliant with ISO 45001 and what you need to do to achieve certification. It will also serve as a source of truth to prove that you have taken all the proper steps and fulfilled the requirements to achieve your ISO certification 

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2. Streamline communication

Streamline communication within your organization and key stakeholders when employees have access to a digital safety system.  

With a click of a button, you can digitally distribute...  

Documentation Data Updated Procedures And more!


You can also follow up on who has read the information and set up automated notifications and alerts to key stakeholders when a corrective action needs to be taken. This can help you quickly mitigate hazards and put the right controls in place to protect your people.  

And don’t forget about multi-language support! A digital system can give employees who may speak a different language, the option to choose their preferred language. This will help make sure nothing is lost in translation and all safety information is understood. These elements can help you satisfy Clause 7 of ISO 45001, which discusses how you will support your employees through efficient communication and documentation.  

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3. Standardize processes across the organization

A digital safety system can help you standardize all processes and procedures across your teams and sites. It’s vital to ensure that employees are using a consistent method when you are undertaking ISO 45001 certification. This will help you stay in compliance with all ISO 45001 requirements, as you have refined your processes, communicated them to your teams, and made sure that everyone is following them.  

This will make it easier to prove that you have the right procedures in place to conduct certain operations, identify hazards, and more. More importantly, safety management software will help showcase that these processes are consistent across the organization.  

4. Source of real-time data

With a robust reporting engine found in a digital safety system, you can pinpoint exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Easily collect, assess, and evaluate real-time data so you can start identifying trends and patterns regarding your safety metrics and KPIs. A digital solution will also allow you to customize your own dashboards, so you are collecting the data you need to achieve your safety goals.   

With greater insight into your leading and lagging indicators, you can have an accurate view of your safety performance and the steps needed to improve it. Not only will this help you create a safer work environment, but it will help you build a more proactive safety approach. This will allow you to streamline processes when it comes to Clause 10 of ISO 45001, which discusses performance evaluation.  

5. Means of continuous improvement

Prove that you have taken the steps needed to improve your safety program with the help of a digital safety system. The last clause of ISO 45001 is all about improvement, and what better way is there to show your improvement by having concrete examples and benchmarks you can share with an auditor. A digital safety system can also help you show that you have assigned corrective actions and allow you to monitor the progress of their implementation. 

Allow your safety program to evolve with a digital solution. With a click of a button, you can make changes and updates to refine procedures that can be communicated to your teams in seconds. This will not only help you achieve ISO 45001 certification, but it will help you maintain it with a system that can grow with your organization.  

What Now?

It’s time to throw out pen and paper and join the future of safety with a digital safety system. Streamline your processes and make sure you are meeting all ISO requirements with complete insight into your safety program, documentation, and performance.  

Ready to get started? Find out more about how our software solution can help you achieve ISO 45001 certification.  

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Author Dina Adlouni

Dina is a Content Marketing Manager at EcoOnline. She has been a content writer for eight years and has been writing about health and safety for the past three years. 

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