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Why ESG Reporting Should Matter to Your Business

Written by Dina Adlouni

Published January 10, 2024

According to an EcoOnline survey of 124 companies, 50% see ESG reporting as simply a box-ticking exercise, while 42% admit they have not implemented an ESG reporting system.



Our survey results also showed that many businesses believe that pressures to report will increase in the next two years.



This is true because by the year 2025, ESG reporting will become mandatory in many areas of the globe, including Europe, North America and more. 

In fact, governmental ESG reporting provisions have increased by 74% over the past four years.


Sustainability reporting and carbon accounting should have a greater focus in your organization. Why?


  • According to our survey, 69% of businesses believe reporting ESG metrics results in better performance overall.

It’s time to take your sustainability reporting more seriously, and stop thinking of it as just a box ticking exercise.


Author Dina Adlouni

Dina is a Content Marketing Manager at EcoOnline. She has been a content writer for eight years and has been writing about health and safety for the past three years. 

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