EcoOnline Chemical Manager Enables Faster PFAS Substitutions for North American Businesses

EcoOnline Chemical Manager Enables Faster PFAS Substitutions for North American Businesses

Published June 11, 2024

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TORONTO, CANADA – June 11, 2024 – EcoOnline, a leading software provider for EHS, ESG and Chemical Safety, announces the availability of its Chemical Manager solution in North America for faster identification and substitution of forever chemicals, also known as PFAS. Chemical Manager offers user-friendly software to manage safety data sheets (SDSs), substitute chemicals, assess risks, and report on chemical compliance. 

Rise of PFAS Awareness and Regulation
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are called “forever chemicals.” This is due to their resistance to breaking down naturally. First popular for their durability, they are now recognized as harmful to humans and the environment. In response, regulations are becoming stricter across North America. In the US, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) oversee national compliance while the Department of Defense (DoD) handles military aspects. Additionally, various US states have their own regulations. In Canada, the Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) manages regulations, with provincial support.

According to independent analyst firm Verdantix, “In 2024 and beyond, Verdantix expects the continued expansion of chemical and product-related regulation, pushing firms to proactively manage non-compliance risk, aided by digital tools. Tied to this trend is the growth of green chemistry, which is defined by a set of 12 core principles intended to support the re-design of chemical products and processes to reduce chemical hazards and pollution, safely dispose of waste and lessen environmental impacts.”1

Transition from Toxic to Sustainable Chemicals
EcoOnline is aiding this government-led shift towards chemicals that are safer for people and the planet. EcoOnline Chemical Manager offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Legislation Lists - Ensuring compliance with North American and international regulations, EcoOnline constantly monitors international legislation relating to chemicals. Legislation Lists in Chemical Manager are updated regularly with added and removed substances.
  • Chemical Substitution Module - Enabling the replacement of PFAS and other hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives. This module allows for efficient collaboration with colleagues in other locations to consider safer alternatives.
  • Chemical Approval Software - Letting users compare chemicals across different teams and locations, considering their intrinsic properties and the relevant legislations

"We want to help our customers drive better, more sustainable business, from climate impact to worker safety. Removing forever chemicals is critical to this," said Tom Goodmanson, CEO, EcoOnline. "Throughout my years of global leadership, businesses' efforts to evolve have inspired me. They've constantly updated their operations, from the technology deployed to the materials used. Business evolution, such as chemical substitutions, often comes with legislative and operational complexities. I'm proud that EcoOnline offers innovative software and expertise to support this journey.”

Beyond PFAS 
The legislative landscape in North America and worldwide is becoming increasingly complex. EcoOnline Chemical Manager software ensures continual compliance and saves time by managing safety data sheets in one online inventory with a powerful search tool and automatic updates from the EcoOnline database. The updates also cover French-Canadian language SDSs. Gaining insight is the first step toward eliminating exposure and improving worker health. Chemical Manager provides enhanced visibility of a company’s chemical inventory, identifying necessary precautions to reduce the risks from chemical use and storage.

Customers in over 70 industries have trusted EcoOnline for chemicals management since 2000. Verdantix positions EcoOnline as a Leader in their Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2023. The report highlights EcoOnline's chemical management capabilities as a key differentiator. Additionally, Chemical Manager offers superior usability and mobile access, which Verdantix rated higher than the mobile tools of other EHS software leaders.2

Read more about EcoOnline’s comprehensive Chemical Manager software here.

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About EcoOnline 
EcoOnline makes it easier for you to protect your workforce and the planet. Champion worker safety and climate compliance with EcoOnline’s intuitive suite of software solutions in Chemical Safety, Sustainability Reporting, and all aspects of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) including Learning and Training. 

With over 25 years of experience in 90 industries, EcoOnline is trusted by more than 10,000 brands worldwide. 

1. Verdanitx, “Market Insight: 10 Predictions For EHS Technology In 2024 And Beyond,” Chris Sayers and Bill Pennington, January 2024
Verdantix, “Green Quadrant: EHS Software 2023,” Chris Sayers and Bill Penington, January 2023.

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