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Improve your training sessions with flexible Learning and Training Software

Enhanced control, increased engagement, and comprehensive overviews. Learning Manager Core increases course completion rates and streamlines qualification management across your organization.

“The customer service is very friendly, fast reacting and customer oriented. We received excellent support in setting up the system and in training the users. Any questions we have are answered very quickly and helpfully.” 

Maria Weckman, Safety & Security Leader, IKEA 
Challenging to track employee learning progress

Are you finding it challenging to track employee learning progress?

The difficulties in providing timely and standardized safety training to employees has serious consequences.

It can create a higher risk of workplace accidents, a lower awareness of safety protocols, and increased regulatory compliance issues.

That’s before you begin to think about the challenges of managing both internal and external workers!

So, what’s the alternative... 

Easy access to training analytics

Easy access to training analytics

When you unlock the power of a digital Learning Management System you’ll be able to ditch the never-ending admin.  

You'll be in a better place to adapt to evolving training needs, cement compliance, and leverage data analytics.

Give your workers the tools they need to complete their training on time

Help your employees stay on track with their training courses with reminders and notifications for certificate expirations. Plus, reduce your admin time when you can access all the training data in one central system.

  • Assign and distribute learning to internal and external workers.
  • Build learning paths using pre-built courses and/or your own content.  
  • Set up, manage, and document instructor-led training.
  • Easily track training progress in one central place. 
🛠️ Step-by-Step

Getting started is simple


Key features


18 languages are supported which ensures maximum accessibility for users and ease of use across global sites.

Overviews & Analyses

Learning data is collected using xAPI and stored in the company's Learning Record Store for in-depth analysis and export options.

Reminders & Validity

The flexible message tool can send reminders and notifications for certificate expiration, course completion, and user inactivity.

Targeted Knowledge Transfer

Users can be invited, self-enroll, or undergo automatic mass / single registration.

Frequently asked questions

What system and format is Core compatible with?

Core is compatible with the following formats:  

  • xAPI/TinCan
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Powerpoint
  • EPUB
  • External links / other websites 

Imagine the time you’ll have for proactive safety initiatives if you're free from the burden of training administration...

Losing those time-heavy and tedious processes is a lot closer than you think. When you speak with one of our in-house EHS experts, you’ll discover how Core can enhance your current safety training and learning. 

See how you can save time and improve safety when you digitalize your learning management system with intuitive EHS software. 

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