StaySafe Lone Worker App

Protect and monitor your employees whilst they work alone or in remote locations.

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1. Benefit

Protect your people 24/7, wherever they are, with our lone worker app

EcoOnline’s lone worker app from StaySafe is a user-friendly solution suitable for all kinds of businesses and industries.

Our lone worker app and cloud-based hub protect your employees and enable you to see their welfare status. Ensure your employees are safe, and instantly respond when they raise an alarm.

The easy-to-use app allows employees to raise the alarm in multiple ways, whilst the cloud-based hub ensures responses are quick and consistent.

2. Benefit

Meet your duty of care

Failure to adhere to health and safety legislation can result in fines, reputational damage, and time in prison. As part of your lone worker safety provision, StaySafe helps you to meet your legal requirements for employee health and safety. The lone worker app and hub help you to take appropriate care of the safety of your employees, avoid exposing them to unnecessary risks, and ensure a safe system of working.

3. Benefit

Engage your employees

Many of your employees will already carry a smartphone, meaning the lone worker application is always accessible without them having to remember to charge or pack additional devices.

Designed with user-experience in mind, the app is easy-to-use, and in-app training allows employees to get up and running quickly.

4. Benefit

Quick rollout, scalable solution

Flexible and scalable, the lone worker app can be configured for organisations of any size and structure, in any industry. The StaySafe lone worker app solution is quick to rollout, and can be done 100% remotely, with optional add-ons like wearable technology and satellite devices.

A simple way to keep your employees safe
We’re proud to offer a complete solution to help protect your employees, regardless of the industry they work in. The app and hub can be used on-the-go, meaning employee and responder safety is always in hand.

Key features of StaySafe

Response Partners

Professional monitoring and response services keep your employees safe 24/7, freeing up in-house resource


Employee protection with our easy-to-use app that works on all smart devices


Secure cloud-based hub that updates in real time. Locate employees in an emergency and respond instantly


Wearable panic alarm that is easy-to-access and a discreet way to signal for help in an emergency


Satellite device that enables employees to stay connected anywhere in the world with 100% global signal coverage

Onboarding & Training

Integrate StaySafe into your company through on-boarding, training and support


Why use an app instead of a safety device?

Many of your employees will already carry a smartphone, so it makes sense to limit the hardware they have to carry, remember and charge, by using an app. Upfront costs are also significantly reduced as you don’t need to purchase additional devices.

What happens if a lone worker is in a low signal area?

To help keep your employees connected, our lone worker app comes with automatic Low Signal Mode, which means that lone workers are protected even in areas with limited connectivity.

How would I get my employees to use the app?

Our dedicated Customer Success Team will work with you to ensure that you get the most from the StaySafe lone worker solution, including bespoke training for your employees, and comprehensive help documentation.
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