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Audits & Inspections at your fingertips

Health and safety audit software: anytime, anywhere

Fully automate your audit process. Manage all your data from one central location.

  • Effortlessly build audits, conduct inspections, and assign audit actions.
  • Configure our audit templates to meet ISO / OSHA / IAP regulatory compliance standards. 
“Rolling out EcoOnline will be hugely beneficial for the business, making information trending easier, supporting future initiative decision making along with bringing greater efficiency to audit and action tracking.” 

Lawrence Ling, Group SHEQ Director, AmcoGiffen

Audits present problems

Duplicating data? Struggling to keep track of completed audits? Still collecting inaccurate data from performing audits in the field? Stop. There's a simpler way.  


We present solutions

Imagine automated notifications and action tracking. Imagine your employees knowing exactly how and when audits must be completed. Say hello to our Health and Safety Audit Management Software.

Audits and inspections, made easy

Give your employees and partners the tools to easily create, schedule, and complete audits and inspections. Instantly see all your upcoming and completed audits.


Audits and inspections made easy
  • Ensure audits are conducted effectively and to deadline with automated scheduling notifications.
  • Better understand your safety audit data and make data-driven decisions.
  • Our mobile first approach works offline.
  • Reduce work duplication and paper consumption by directly logging audit results.

Plus, find these features

customisable templates

Use provided audit templates or create your own.

mobile audits

Take your audits and inspections into the field.

reporting analytics

Generate in-depth audit reports.

action tracking

Create and assign actions to pre-defined groups of users.


Ensure audits are completed when and how they should be.


Connect your audits with the EcoOnline system.

“Implementing EcoOnline EHS will help us support our delivery of incident and audit management, aided by its user-friendly interface. As a continually expanding organisation, we believe this system complements our business processes and we are confident it will benefit us as we progress.” 

Nick Lowe, Head of Transformation & Engagement, Hakim Group

Skip the guesswork. Your journey towards a safer workplace starts with a chat.

When you speak with one of our in-house EHS experts, you get to see exactly how our health and safety audit software can work within your current processes to help your organisation grow a positive safety culture. 

Get your questions answered

Frequently asked questions

What is health and safety audit and inspection software?

Health and safety audit software ensures compliance of processes in health and safety for businesses. Software for audits and inspections adopts a paperless approach which helps eliminate duplication of data. With a health and safety audit software that has mobile capabilities, your audits can be completed on-the-go, online or offline. Audits are created when and where they should be.

What is construction safety inspection software?

Construction safety inspection software makes it easier to carry out construction inspections. Generating a building inspection report can be effortless with a software system onsite. This is vital for ensuring safety initiatives are followed.

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