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Build audits, conduct inspections and assign audit actions.



Audits can present challenges for organisations. Issues such as duplication of data, keeping track of audit completion and performing audits in the field mean that accurate audit data cannot be collected.  More importantly, it can lead to increased risk for employees. 

Our audit management software gives employees and partners the tools to create and complete audits and inspections anytime, anywhere. Duplication is eliminated as all audit data is held in one central, accessible location. Automated notifications and action tracking mean employees know exactly how and when audits must be completed. Also, due to configurability of our audit templates, they can be tailored to meet ISO/OSHA/IAP regulatory compliance standards 


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Manage your audit, inspection and checklists in one central location.

Easily schedule audits and inspections and instantly see upcoming and completed audits.

Use our templates or quickly create your own to ensure standardization across your organisation.

Create and configure anything from scoring methods and checklists, to questionnaires and scoring rules.
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Effectively monitor EHS audit performances and assigned corrective actions.

Automate scheduling notification to your staff to ensure audits are conducted effectively and in a timely manner.

Advanced tracking lets you use audit data to spot patterns and set alerts when non-conformance actions are raised.

Ask new questions, spot trends, identify opportunities to be proactive and track completed corrective actions.
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Understand your safety audit data and make data-driven decisions.

Easily view audit performance across your entire organisation or split by hierarchy using our powerful graph database.

Use audit data such as top causations raised to spot patterns and set alerts when key thresholds are reached.

Management can easily generate reports and view auditing trends.
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Promote operational efficiencies with our mobile first approach.

Log audit results directly into system to reduce work duplication and paper consumptions.

Mobile audits work offline and can be synced up when signal becomes available.

Monitor where, when and who completed an audit in real time.
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Rolling out EcoOnline will be hugely beneficial for the business, making information trending easier, supporting future initiative decision making along with bringing greater efficiency to audit and action tracking.”

- Lawrence Ling, Group SHEQ Director, AmcoGiffen

Key Features 

Customisable Templates

Use provided audit templates or create your own.

Mobile Audits

Take your audits and inspections into the field.

Reporting & Analytics

Generate in-depth audit reports.

Group Action Tracking

Create and assign actions to pre-defined groups of users.

Automatic Notifications

Ensure your audits are completed when and how they should be.

Integrated system

Connect your audits with other elements of the EcoOnline system.

Create Schedules

Create schedules or complete audits ad-hoc.


Assess your overall EHS compliance against both regulatory requirements and internal KPIs.

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Frequently asked questions

What is safety audit and inspection software?

Safety audit and inspection software ensures compliance of processes in health and safety for businesses. Software for audits and inspections adopts a paperless approach which helps eliminate duplication of data. With a system that has mobile capabilities, your audits can be completed on-the-go, online or offline. This enables that audits are created when and where they should be.

What is construction safety inspection software?

Construction safety inspection software makes it much easier to carry out construction inspections. Generating a building inspection report can be worked with effortlessly with a software system onsite. This plays an important role in ensuring safety initiatives are followed.

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