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Capture, manage and investigate incidents and accidents while minimising delay. Streamline incident and accident reporting and manage your investigations easily.



Reporting incidents, near misses and accidents in the workplace raises awareness about things that can go wrong and allows you to take preventative and corrective actions to make workplaces safer. But recording an incident or accident is rarely as simple as it sounds. Complex or confusing forms can drive down reporting rates. 

Our incident and accident reporting software makes it easy for employees and partners to record incidents and accidents - on any device. This encourages employee engagement and a positive safety culture. With tools to report, document, investigate, and set actions, for any type of incident or event management process. Use our ready-made templates or design your own incident and action system. 


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This is a future proof solution to enable easy reporting of SHE-Q related incidents, combined with practical feasibilities for analysis, trends and dashboards. This supports Mammoet’s pro-active driving of SHE-Q results.”

- Maarten de Klerk, Global SHE-Q director, Mammoet

Key Features 

Incident Data Visualisation

Drill down into the data with visual reports and analytics to easily establish patterns, underlying root causes and lagging indicators.

Mobile Reporting

Use the app to report incidents, near misses or accidents as soon as they happen.

Language Support

With over 90 languages supported, wherever your incident occurs, it can be accurately recorded and translated easily.

Automatic Notifications

Notify and escalate incidents to the appropriate management level based on severity.

Detailed Reporting

Generate in-depth incident reports

Action Tracking

Assign actions to relevant persons and track completion.

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Frequently asked questions

What is incident reporting software?

Incident reporting software enables incident & hazard tracking for employers and employees, via the use of technology. This technology allows for systemic tracking, resulting in a succinct and precise of incident reporting. A major benefit of incident reporting software is the ability to report on incidents in real time, which allows you to avoid unnecessary delays and track the process in each step.

What are the benefits of using an online incident reporting management system?

- Users can report incidents in real time to the relevant people using the EcoOnline mobile app
- With a fully configurable reporting process, users can attach documents such as risk assessments, images, and training records to incident reports
- The time from incident reporting to closing an investigation is shortened, helping to reduce the chances of re-occurrence.

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