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Frictionless reporting of safety conversations and positive observations to promote proactive behavioural change. 



Encouraging behaviour change in the workplace can be difficult, even when the end goal is improved safety. Traditional observation and hazard reporting may not be accessible or practical for your employees, so what can you do to promote lasting change? 

The EcoOnline Observation module puts safety directly in the hands of your employees. With this software you can easily identify areas of risk and proactively implement control measures. Increase employee engagement to promote key safety behaviours and positive reporting. 

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Feedback from employees is that the solution is simple and allows for easy reporting and since implementing, near miss and hazard identification reporting has increased by over 50% (vs. same period in 2019) and is being rolled out across other areas of the GKN Wheels & Structures business.”

- Andy Jones, HSE Coordinator & System Adminstrator, GKN Wheels & Structures.

Key Features 


Managers can acknowledge and review observations as they are submitted.


Add High, Medium and Low priority to your Actions.


Attach photographs, videos and accurate locations to your reports.


Implement and manage CAPA.

Behavioural Change

Promote key safe behaviors and positive / bright ideas reporting.

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Hannah McGuire

Account Manager, EcoOnline

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