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Mitigate health and safety risk and standardize your approach to risk management.

Risk management


Your business likely has tens, if not hundreds, of EHS risk assessments. Many of them are probably only a slight variation of the last. However, your team can spend a lot of time creating risk assessments from scratch - time that could be better spent elsewhere. 

The EcoOnline Risk Assessment Module lets you take a structured approach to managing quantitative and qualitative risk assessments. It ensures all hazards are understood and allows the assessor to develop necessary controls. 


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The solution gives us greater vision of risk areas across our business both nationally and internationally and will enable us to pro-actively manage our higher risk areas. The system is ideal because its simple interface and personalized dashboards encourage engagement and ownership, while offering great flexibility.” 

- Paul Johnson, Head of Group Health and Safety, DFS.

Key Features 


Create a library of easy-to-use risk assessments


Use provided templates to ensure consistency.


Assign risk assessment related actions to employees.

Risk Calculator

Configurable risk calculator and scoring system.

Automatic Notifications

Keep all involved parties informed throughout the process

Data Visualization

Risk data is brought to life in dynamic graphs and charts

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Frequently asked questions

What is risk assessment software?

Health and safety risk Assessments are at the core of health and safety management. Businesses are legally obliged to carry out risk assessments in their workplace regardless of their size. It ensures there is a record kept at all times. Several people are easily discouraged by the necessity of risk assessments and find them quite unwieldy and difficult to do.

In a nutshell, risk assessments are looking closely at what activities or aspects of your structure could potentially cause harm to your visitors or workforce. From a risk assessment, control measures can be established to avoid potential incidents and lower risk.

Why do I need a risk assessment software?

Streamlining the risk assessment process and automating your action plans reduces your staff time spent on low value activities and room for potential human error.
You can adapt your risk rating calculation methods to your needs, create a range of templates and assessments to share with your workforce. Understanding your organization's risk assessment statistics and KPI’s gives you the power to identify potential risk hotspots, guarantee control measures are implemented and ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

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