Could you be working for the Company of the Year?

Could you be working for the Company of the Year?

Published February 15, 2023

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EcoOnline is proud to be sponsoring the 2023 Global Good Awards, an all-inclusive awards program that recognizes and rewards organizations of all shapes and sizes that are making strides toward a better world for people, the planet and the global economy. 

In times of economic chaos, supply chain disruption and global uncertainty, EcoOnline wants to shine a light on all businesses that have kept up their commitment to do well by doing good. Therefore, this month’s launch of the 2023 Global Good Awards program could be the time to tell the story of those impacts and inspire the world. 

“We’re delighted that EcoOnline are sponsoring our search for Company of the Year, a category that always brings out inspiring stories from organisations across multiple sectors in many countries. We’re not looking for ‘perfect’ though – we want to hear from everyone, and the most successful entries are always those that bring to life the bold changes, actions, impacts and progression that they’re making towards a more positive future,” says Karen Sutton, founder of Global Good Awards.

In the search for the 2023 Global Good Company of the Year, we would love to hear your story of you doing well by doing good - click here to apply.

Doing Well by Doing Good

The most forward-thinking and ultimately most promising organisations see this as the time to focus on the positive impacts they can have on their people, customers, suppliers, and wider society – assumptions that are backed up by many different studies. 

In a recent KPMG survey, half of the workers wanted the company they work for to publish and demonstrate ambitious environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments. Around three-quarters of S&P 500 companies now link executive compensation to ESG performance. And an extensive study by McKinsey and NielsenIQ found that products with ESG-related credentials averaged 28% cumulative growth over the past five years versus 20% for products with no such claims.

There are emotive, subjective arguments for organizations to hold true to their sustainability aims, but other business-critical priorities can often drown these out. However, as investors, banks and broader stakeholders seek evermore demanding evidence of genuinely responsible business, a robust and trusted ESG program has moved from being ‘nice to have’ to becoming a ‘must do’ operational priority. Well-balanced ESG strategies drive top-line growth and bottom-line profitability, helping organizations to win work in tenders and meet public expectations for consumer purchases. They can also drive cost savings in resource and energy use, source alternative materials, improve business travel and procurement processes and cut waste.

With legislation and mandatory disclosures on the increase, proactive ESG programs are crucial to staying ahead of the regulatory curve and reducing the risk, cost and damage of non-compliance fines and prosecutions. Virtually all risk registers will have aspects that seek safer, healthier and more responsible business, which well-constructed ESG programs can mitigate, helping organizations to meet and manage board and executive-level scrutiny. They can also expose and manage risks within supply chain relationships.

Amongst these significant indicators of doing well by doing good, the Global Good Awards offer a vital chance to share and learn from innovative organizations across multiple sectors and territories. While ESG and sustainability action plans often highlight carbon reduction, the Awards also offer the chance to go beyond ‘Carbon Tunnel Syndrome’ and give equal weight to broader environmental, social, and governance issues. Indeed, the most compelling stories will embrace the 3CBs – they will set a Challenging Balance (across the environment, economic and social factors) that Changes Behaviors (across organizations) for Commercial Benefit (long-term success).

EcoOnline is sponsoring the search for the 2023 Global Good Company of the Year, and we would love to hear your story of how you are doing well by doing good. 

Entries for the Global Good Awards are open from 1st February – 28th April 2023 and entry activities can be focused within any country (locally or nationally) or globally.

Take a look at the entry process here, and you might be taking the first step toward sharing your story with the world. 

Author David Picton

David is EcoOnline’s Senior Vice-President of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Working with global customers across multiple sectors to support their ESG objectives and strategies, he designed the EcoOnline ESG software platform and is a former Chief Sustainability Officer. An original Board member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, David also achieved the Queen’s Enterprise Award for Sustainable Development and presented to the UN in Geneva on responsible business. Before EcoOnline, he held executive roles in the technology, media, infrastructure and public sectors, founded an independent consultancy and served as a senior military officer.

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