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Safety Data Sheet Authoring Services

EcoOnline currently produce SDSs to meet the requirements of regulations worldwide, including; REACH, WHMIS, OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, GHS (Region Specific).

We can assist your company with ensuring you meet the requirements of the country where the product is being placed on the market. 

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Differing regulations

Compliance is key, but it isn't always easy

The rules for SDSs can vary slightly throughout the world, however, in general, if you're a manufacturer, importer or distributor of a chemical which is hazardous or contains hazardous ingredients, you may be obliged to produce an SDS which is compliant with local, national or international regulations.
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SDSs must be provided in the official language

After the stress of simply creating your SDS and making sure it's compliant, you then have to provide it in the official language of the region your products are sold in.

This can add further delay on an already lengthy process. 

We help you meet your SDS Authoring needs

We're a key provider of SDSs for companies in the Manufacturing, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Paint and Water Treatment industries.

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We offer a wide range of SDS Authoring services, including:

  • Compliance checks for existing SDSs.
  • Authoring of new SDSs.
  • Updating previous revisions of SDSs.
  • Conversion of SDSs to alternative formats e.g. EU to US compliant SDSs.
  • Translation services.
“Without EcoOnline, we would have had to hire an extra person to handle all our safety data sheets!” 

Juliana Hestad, Product Manager, Valvoline Oil AS

EcoOnline offers Health & Safety consultancy and training tailored to the needs of your company

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