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Overview of Safety Data Sheet Authoring

What is a Safety Data Sheet?

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are a primary means of communicating information on chemicals.  They describe the unique hazards of the chemicals as well as providing information on how the chemical should be handled, stored, transported and what the emergency measures are in the event of an accident or emergency.

The rules for SDSs can vary slightly throughout the world, however, in general, if you are a manufacturer, importer or distributor of a chemical which is hazardous or contains hazardous ingredients you may be obliged to produce an SDS which is compliant with local, national or international regulations.


What services do we provide?

EcoOnline currently produce SDSs to meet the requirements of regulations worldwide, including; REACH, WHMIS, OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, GHS (Region Specific). We can assist your company with ensuring you meet the requirements of the country where the product is being placed on the market. 

EcoOnline provide a wide range of SDS Authoring services, including:

  • Compliance checks for existing SDSs.
  • Authoring of new SDSs.
  • Updating previous revisions of SDSs.
  • Conversion of SDSs to alternative formats e.g. EU to US compliant SDSs.
  • Translation services.

In order to complete/review your SDS you will be required to provide the team with initial information for the product(s).  Once you have provided this information the process can begin. 

We are committed to providing cost effective SDS Authoring services to meet the needs of clients across all industries and geographical locations. Whether you are a small enterprise with one product or a large enterprise with hundreds of products, we look forward to hearing from you.


Translation Services

EcoOnline can assist your company to comply with local, national and international language requirements. 

Safety data sheets must be provided in at least the official language or languages where the product is placed on the market and any other additional languages identified by national legislation. Translating your safety data sheets into multiple languages removes the language barriers and improves communication and understanding.  As part of this service we will ensure your SDS meets the localised requirements for that region e.g. national occupational exposure limits. 

The translation of these documents can be costly for companies and may lead to errors if not translated correctly.  EcoOnline currently offers translation into over 50 different languages including; French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese, to name just a few.  In order to do this, we utilise a vast database of translated phrases.



EcoOnline provide a range of Chemical and Health & Safety training courses to customers. 

If you are new to the world of SDSs or just need a refresher, EcoOnline can provide you with a basic course on Understanding your SDS   This course will outline the key sections of the SDS as well as providing you with information on the actions to be taken when you receive an SDS. 

For more information on the training courses EcoOnline provide please click here. 


Why choose EcoOnline?

We help our customers meet their Safety Data Sheet Authoring needs. 

EcoOnline is a key provider of safety data sheets for companies in the Manufacturing, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Paint and Water Treatment industries. We pride ourselves on providing a service which meets the needs of our clients while working in a challenging environment with complex local, national and international regulations.

Our highly trained staff of experienced SDS authors can help your company to produce compliant SDSs and labels.  SDS Authoring does not need to be complex with the help of our SDS authors. 


  • Leverage over 20 years of our chemical expertise.
  • Cost effective SDS Authoring service.
  • Save time by fully outsourcing the authoring of your SDSs to an expert team.
  • Be furnished with SDSs authored for national or international regions.
  • Rest easy in the knowledge that you will have high quality SDSs.
  • Be compliant with classification and transport legislation.
  • Have access to multiple languages.

“Without EcoOnline, we would have had to hire an extra person to handle all our safety data sheets!"

- Juliana Hestad, Product Manager, Valvoline Oil AS 

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