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Improve your CDP submission time and minimise effort with CDP Reporting Software

Our CDP reporting software powered by Ecometrica helps businesses to increase their CDP score while reducing the admin time associated with the submission process. 

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets and offline calculations, safe in the knowledge that your data conforms to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) categories. 

 “As a rapidly growing business reporting to the CDP for the first time presented some challenges. With a lot of hard work in the CR team, help from around the business and invaluable assistance from Ecometrica we’re delighted that our first reporting submission to CDP has been recognised as a success.”

Suzanne Westlake, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Corporate Affairs, Ocado
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As environmental and CDP reporting becomes increasingly complex, can you keep up?

CDP submission requirements are constantly changing and becoming more refined. New questions are being added, old ones are updated and scoring is modified.  

This means that the data you need to gather to complete your disclosures changes too.  


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Don’t get left in the dark with CDP reporting

Submitting to CDP’s online response system (ORS) takes time, involves finding data from multiple sources, and must be submitted in a specific format. After dealing with the paperwork, you now have to endure a long wait to receive your score.  

How many easy marks have you missed out on due to spending time on excessive admin tasks? 

After all this work, how can you be sure your efforts will be reflected in your CDP score?  

Have confidence in your submissions with our CDP reporting software

CDP Reporting Software alongside the expertise and guidance from our Sustainability Analysts, takes the pain out of preparing your submission. You’ll experience a reduction in overall submission time, giving you time back to improve your score.


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  • Score benchmarking provides insight into where you are gaining points, where you can improve and what score you can expect
  • As part of our CDP Response service, you get access to Sustainability Analysis that acts as an expert 3rd party, reviewing your disclosure and providing guidance
  • An accredited CDP Gold Partner since 2013, our analysts are uniquely placed to ensure the quality of your submission 

🛠️ Step by Step

Getting started is simple


Reduce your submission admin time with the following features: 

emission factor database green graphic
Emission factor database

We source and verify the quality of emission factors in our constantly updated database, so you don't have to.

CDP Data Graphic
Preformatted data

Environmental data gathered through our sustainability platform is automatically formatted to CDP specifications.

CDP Gold Partner
CDP Gold Partner

We are CDP’s only Gold Partner across all 3 of their programmes (climate change, water and forests).

Secure shield symbol
Secure, central storage for documentation

All your environmental data and associated documentation in one place, ready for audit.

Person icon of CDP analysts
Expert advice

Our analysts have been working on CDP submissions since 2013. You can be sure to trust in their experience and advice.

CDP Calculations Icon
Automatic calculations

The platform automatically aligns with CDP requirements, leaving you more time to work on higher scoring sections.

Frequently asked questions

What is CDP?

CDP (formally known as Carbon Disclosure Project) runs the largest global disclosure system, covering thousands of companies, cities, states and regions. For decades businesses have voluntarily disclosed their global greenhouse gas emissions to CDP. By creating a means for voluntary disclosure, CDP have stimulated a more sustainable economy, with investors now requiring organisations to report their greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts. Their hope is for this transparent reporting to become a business norm around the world. 
The CDP also produces ‘CDP Scores’ on an annual basis. This sees responding companies being scored from a D- to A and aims to incentivise companies to ‘measure and manage’ environmental impacts through the use of CPD questionnaires.  

What is a ‘base year’?

In GHG reporting and accounting, a 'base year' is a year chosen as a basis against which future CDP emissions are compared.

What is ‘Scope 3’?

There are three emissions scopes, based of the Green House Gas Protocols (GHG) Corporate Standard. Scope 3 are indirect emissions which result from all other activities and sources that occur in the value chain of the reporting company not covered in scope 2. This includes business travel, commuting, waste, and 3rd party deliveries.

Reporting of all scope 3 emissions is typically not mandatory, unless the organisation is subject to a regulation such as the CSRD in the EU.


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