5 Statistics That Will Make You Want To Invest In EHS Software

5 Statistics That Will Make You Want To Invest In EHS Software

Published May 27, 2021

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EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) software is a form of data management built to help you manage workplace incidents, maintain regulatory compliance and track incidents.

The best EHS software cover a wide range of functions that helps companies save time, reduce risk, and prevent unwanted events. It’s an efficient way to connect thousands of employees across the organization. EHS software is a way for the whole organization to have a centralized system for their documents and activities.

Here are 5 statistics that will make EHS software a necessity for you and your organization. 


1.“In 2017, sanctioned fines have increased up to 74% in HSE.”


(Source: SHP Online)

The increase in fines has been because of the strict penalties for business health and safety incidents and breeches. This escalation in fines means that EHS software is more important than ever. Helping companies to stay compliant and effectively track incidents, audits, risks and actions.


‍2. “Nearly 90% of spreadsheets contain significant errors"

(Source: University of Hawaii)

Spreadsheets used to manage EHS data can easily become outdated. Even with document management protocols, spreadsheets can become outdated or overwritten. An error could result in regulatory fines and penalties. EHS software enables a business to lower the potential for mistakes by holding accurate information in a secure source.

Reducing injuries and ill-health in working conditions. EHS software can help managers to identify more leading safety indicators than other reporting methods. These leading indicators can be used to save time, money, reduce LTI and improve working conditions.


‍3. The estimated costs of injuries and ill health from current working conditions is £15 billion (2017/18) 


(Source: Gov.uk)

EHS software can help to reduce injuries and ill-health in working conditions. Software offers preventable and detectable tools that can help to create a safer working environment. Enabling speed and efficiency which are key for when an incident takes place. Helping managers to identify more leading safety indicators than other reporting methods. These leading indicators can be used to improve working conditions, reduce LTI and ultimately save organizations time and money. 


4. During 2018/19, 4.7 million estimated working days were lost due to nonfatal workplace injuries 



Incorporating EHS software could help to improve the safety of workers using leading and lagging indicators to identify potential incidents. With fewer accidents occurring, employees will feel they are in a safer environment to work, improving satisfaction and productivity. This, in turn, will impact positively on the business’s overall efficiency and production.  


5. Businesses are spending an average of 120 working hours a year on administrative tasks


(Source: NewSage)

EHS software helps to streamline many time-consuming safety tasks such as preparing audits or creating reports. Reducing administrative tasks will help lower admin costs. Implementing EHS software may also help boost employee morale. Less of an employee’s time is wasted on administrative tasks that can become repetitive and non-engaging. This boost in morale will improve employee mental welfare and productivity for the business.


These 5 statistics show that investing in EHS software will help in many areas of a business. From improving employee welfare to productivity and profit, implementing this software into your business can help it keep up to date with the digital changes. The software can help to improve a business's performance and reduce the risk of sanctions and administrative costs.

All business sizes from small businesses to large enterprises will benefit from having the right tools and resources that EHS software provides. EHS software can help businesses manage the health and safety risk of their employees and improve the production of their business. 


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