A message from our CEO - Tom Goodmanson

A message from our CEO - Tom Goodmanson

Published September 26, 2023

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Hello everyone, my name is Tom Goodmanson and I am thrilled to be introducing myself to you as EcoOnline’s new CEO. I have reached out to our customers and shared my excitement for joining the team – so, it’s only natural I share it here as well! 


Earlier this year, I retired from a 15-year tenure at my previous organisation and was approached by our executive board with the opportunity to join EcoOnline. My love for software as a solution only compounded by our ability to improve your lives and to make your world a better place. I couldn’t be prouder to join this team and grow us into becoming a leader in the EHS and ESG space.  

I believe in listening to our customer needs and bringing products and services they’re looking for, into the palm of their hands. My goal is to bring great things to life and work to inspire people like our customers – and prospects, to use our solutions and believe in the power of it to make lives better. Most importantly, I – alongside our team – am laser-focused on solving the problems of our customers. Now, we know success isn’t created overnight however, I am determined to work with you to achieve it. 


In Recent News: 


We recently acquired Ecometrica, the gold standard of ESG metrics, earlier this summer. This acquisition is a testament to increase our ESG presence in the market, expand our platform capabilities, and to help deliver a broad ESG solution with capabilities in Carbon Accounting, ESG Framework reporting, Climate Risk, Environmental Compliance – and many more. 

This is an exciting move for our team as they have been offering a best-in-class solution since 2008 with a magnificent leadership team. The integration will provide organisations with an increased ability to manage and leverage their data across sustainability, employee health and safety, and environmental compliance programs.  

We understand sustainability cannot be achieved through isolated actions alone; it requires a holistic approach that considers environmental, social, and governance aspects. At EcoOnline, we embrace this understanding and actively assess our operations, set ambitious targets, and measure our impact with this lens in mind. Following that, we released our 2022 ESG and Sustainability Report, showcasing our desire to be accountable to our promises. 


As mentioned earlier, this is the first of many blogs I plan to share with you publicly. Until then…

Yours in safety and health, 

Tom Goodmanson 

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