AmcoGiffen instrumental in building EcoOnline Beta Project for Checklist Product Module

AmcoGiffen instrumental in building EcoOnline Beta Project for Checklist Product Module

Published November 14, 2022

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Recently, the EcoOnline product team had the good fortune of meeting up with Connor Trippet, BMS and Assurance Advisor and Alice Sizer, Head of Quality at AmcoGiffen both of who have been instrumental in developing and guiding the EcoOnline Beta Project for the EcoOnline, soon to be released, ‘Checklist Module’.

Recent Collaborative Visit Brings Exponential EHS Insights

At the recent AmcoGiffen Barnsley (fabrication main site) visit, Connor and Alice met up with EcoOnline product specialists Jade Walton and Paul Millward to talk and walk through the vision and expectations of the live product launch.

Spending a packed morning walking, talking and observing how the latest module in the EcoOnline suite will be able to promote internal engagement and increased safety checks.

Jade Walton, Senior Product Manager EcoOnline explains "having the opportunity to be out in the field and work with our clients using our product is invaluable. It inspires me as a product manager to deliver solutions that help make our clients safer at the workplace. Listening to our users helps us understand and visualise key pain points they experience when using different tools, the beta trial has allowed us to receive first hand feedback from users and iterate on the solution based on that feedback. Working with AmcoGiffen has been extremely exciting and valuable and I look forward to working with them on more of our developments in the future.

AmcoGiffen's Connor and Alice seized the opportunity to be part of the EcoOnline Beta testing Checklist Module – providing invaluable, practical and onsite feedback to help improve the performance and functionality for the first release of this new module.

Connor Trippett BMS & Assurance Advisor commented, “To be given the opportunity and lead a beta trial 4 months after graduating has been fantastic. I really enjoyed troubleshooting with the team and finding solutions. It has allowed us to see first-hand how the technology benefits our manufacturing capabilities and enhances our assurance.”

AmcoGiffen History 

AmcoGiffen is a prominent and proactive civil contractor, collaborating with clients and supply chain partners in a one-team approach to deliver innovative and complex solutions across the transport, energy and environmental sectors.  Working with over 1300 permanent staff members including 650 multi-skilled front line operatives working through a network of 10 regional offices supported by 15 depots. AmcoGiffen have a clear corporate focus on the renewal and maintenance of key assets across rail, energy environmental and infrastructure.


At A Glance Summary "Checklist" Summary

  • Enables best practices, comply with safety regulations ensure safe working environments
  • Digitally configure Checklist types
  • Create custom categories and questions
  • Checklist Read & Understood


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