Data Collection

Data Collection

Published June 10, 2019

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Before using EcoOnline, companies spent a lot of time and resources constantly checking, rechecking and reviewing safety data sheets or as they were once called MSDS for information. EcoOnline has taken the manual process away from your staff and our managed service ensures all your SDS data is accurate and easily accessible when you need it most.

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SDS Key Information

Our experienced data analysis team review each SDS to ensure it is correct for your region and key information is extracted from the SDS and added to your database such as:

  • Section 1 – Product details such as name and manufacturer
  • Section 2 – CLP/GHS Hazard information
  • Section 3 – Ingredient information
  • Section 9 – Physical and Chemical properties
  • Section 14 – Transport
  • Section 15 – Regulations


Download our guide to understand the key areas of a Safety Data Sheet 

The first day you sign in to EcoOnline you can see your products by department, in a fully populated system.

All information extracted from each SDS can be used to create reports on your chemicals listed in your inventory. The reporting section is a good place to look when wanting information on your products on EcoOnline.


Whether you need to see if you have any corrosive chemicals or carcinogens, EcoOnline provide a wide range of report options to help you including:

  • View SDS’s, identify where you have carcinogens, where you have Toxins, and the ability to identify skin irritants.
  • Run real time reports at the click of a button and protect your employees.
  • Run REACH reports and customized bespoke reports for corporate.

We input all the data, compare against best practice REACH legislation unlike other systems.

Are you an importer of chemicals?

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Through our data collection process, carried out by trained and dedicated team members we strive to provide you with usable data to help make your workplace safer.

The new section 9 report is now available on the reports tab. This report shows all products with their physical and chemical properties such as PH and flashpoint where available, as taken from each unique SDS.


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