Health And Safety Courses- The Essentials For Your Business

Health And Safety Courses- The Essentials For Your Business

Published May 27, 2021

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As more managers are recognising the endless benefits of a positive health and safety culture, health and safety training is becoming a business staple. A consequence of this interest is that there are millions of training courses but choosing the right one for your company can be a challenge.

Given this challenge, we have provided some tips on what to look out for to ensure that you are putting your money to good use when purchasing health and safety training. 

Legitimacy of the Provider

The initial thing to look out for when investing in health and safety courses for yourself and other employees is the reputation of the provider.

Typically, across this field, a good indication that you will have a valuable certification on completion is the company providing the training. Particularly reputable course providers include:

By filtering your search down to a small number of reputable providers, the selection process will become easier, more reliable, and above all, less time-consuming! 

Rethink your Aims for the Course

Sure, investing in your employee base via health and safety courses is a great start to having a healthier, happier, and more motivated workforce. However, before copious amounts of money is spent, it is worthwhile taking a step back and looking at what the overall aims of the investment is. 

Questions you may need to ask yourself before investing include:

What are the standout problems our company has in regards to health and safety?

Does everyone need to be trained externally or can some individuals be trained internally?

Are there any legal requirements for this training?

How relevant is this training course to my company's working conditions?

By taking the time to think about the aims and objectives of the training, you are yet again filtering down the variety to a more digestible amount to investigate further.

Clearly, the requirements from health and safety training courses vary from business to business and industry to industry. However, we have provided some blanket examples of training courses which are not only of good quality, but also a worthwhile investment and good value for money for your business. 

Health and Safety for Directors and Senior Managers

In recent years there has been an increase in how much governing bodies can fine organisations for health and safety breaches. With this in mind, many organisations are looking to educate higher-level managers about key concepts regarding health and safety that could ultimately save the organisation thousands, if not millions of pounds.


This course provides the top-level managers' knowledge on the ins and outs of health and safety, which can then help to lead from the front and develop a best practice health and safety culture.

This training program can be taken conveniently either online or at a selection of training centres across the UK, with prices starting at just £90.25.

For more information, click here.

Managing Stress Within your Team

In 2015/16, nearly 40% of work-related illnesses were stress-related, totalling up to over 480,000 in the UK. Clearly, stress is not a matter to be shunned. Instead, it is a company’s responsibility to acknowledge stress in the workplace and do their utmost to minimise harm to their employees.

With mental health such a prominent component of workplace illnesses, it is shocking to see that only 10% of managers have received the appropriate training on how to manage stress in the workplace. 

By investing in this training course, it will enable managers within your organisation to identify those who may be struggling and help them with the appropriate advice and support – something that can greatly help the sufferer and future business.

This course is priced at a very reasonable £28.50 – a worthwhile investment for any company.

For more information, click here.

Health and Safety Essentials

For those companies that wish for all employees to have a competent knowledge of basic health and safety, this is the course for you! 

This training course covers a range of topics, from accident prevention and risk assessments to health and safety management systems. Following this course, your employees will be able to think proactively about the importance of health and safety and how to act in a great number of scenarios.

This course is taught in-house across just one day, meaning it will cause little disruption to your day-to-day operations, yet leaving your employees with a better knowledge on a whole range of health and safety matters.

For more details on prices and dates, you can call the sales team at +44 (0)121 248 2233, or visit the website.

IOSH Managing Safely

This training course is ideal for organisations where small teams are operated with managers and supervisors. In these cases, it is vital that they have the expertise and training to not only understand what is required from them in their role in regard to health and safety. But also understand and identify health and safety concerns in the workplace. Once this is established, they can then make active efforts to minimise risks and hazards. 

As this course is awarded by the British Safety Council, you can be sure that the training provided is of utmost quality. 

This course can be provided either online or at a training centre and prices start from £213.75.

For more information, click here.

Manual Handling and Postural Awareness

Throughout almost all industries and areas of work, the likelihood is that at some point in time your employees are likely to be required to lift loads. However, this is a predominant hazard in the workplace that needs to be treated carefully, particularly as great periods of absenteeism can occur should an employee incorrectly handle loads, with 21% of non-fatal injuries occurring because of handling, lifting, or carrying in 2017/18.

This hands-on training course takes place over one day within your place of work and covers a range of relevant topics, such as the causes of musculoskeletal injuries and how to avoid them in future situations - helping your staff to stay fit and healthy, as well as avoiding lengthy periods away from work.

For more information, click here. 

International Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health

This is a perfect course for any company wanting to take steps in increasing activities and business relationships across borders. By certifying your health and safety professionals through this course, international compliance will be second nature when it comes to expansion overseas, making the transition much easier, as well as avoiding potential hiccups on the way.


This course can be completed with little disruption to your business, being delivered across two, one-week blocks within your workplace.

For more information, click here.

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