HSE Statistics 21/22 in the Manufacturing Industry in Great Britain

HSE Statistics 21/22 in the Manufacturing Industry in Great Britain

Published April 4, 2023

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1.8 million workers suffered from work-related injuries in 2021/2022, according to the HSE. During this time, these high numbers of injuries lead to over 30 million lost working days. During 2019/2020, the annual cost of work-related injuries based on the HSE Cost Model, was 7.6 billion pounds! 

HSE Statistics Report 

The above statistics put into perspective the potential dangers and hazards that may arise when at work. Employers are responsible for keeping their teams safe from harm and putting the proper elements in place to create a safer work environment, where hazards are mitigated quickly.  

Read on as we dive into: 

  • What are HSE Statistics 
  • Top risks in the manufacturing industry 
  • Where you can find expert information  

What are HSE Statistics?

HSE, stands for the Health and Safety Executive, which is a government agency responsible for  researching specific work-related risks. It also regulates and enforces occupational health and safety across Great Britain.

The research findings and statistics are published every year using various sources. From workplace injuries to working conditions, HSE statistics give an overview into the current state of workplace safety in Great Britain.  

Top Risks in the Manufacturing Industry

To get more granular, 92,000 workers suffer from work-related ill health in the manufacturing industry, according to the HSE. 40% of this is due to musculoskeletal issues as well as stress, depression, and anxiety which also accounts for 40%. Check out our blog, Manufacturers Managing their COSHH Controls, to dive deeper into this topic.  

Top Risks in the Manufacturing Industry

It is your responsibility to keep your employees safe from harm. That’s why it’s important to understand what the top safety risks to your people are. The following are what you should be on the lookout for in the manufacturing industry:  

1. Slips, trips, and falls

Slips, trips, and falls are one of the most common reasons for injuries seen in the manufacturing industry. Loose objects or wiring, wet floors, and more can cause an employee to slip, trip, or fall. Ensure all employees are trained to spot hazards and report potentially harmful areas. Once key stakeholders are alerted, they must assign the proper corrective actions to protect others from harm.  

2. Lockout/tagout

Accidents and injuries related to lockout/tagout are also very common in this industry. Lockout/tagout refers to deenergising certain machinery so harmful energy is not released. If this is not done right, it could cause serious injury and even death. Make sure that you have documented your lockout/tagout procedures and that you have provided employee training on this topic. It is critical that those who work with such machinery know how to properly conduct lockout/tagout procedures. 

3. Machine guarding

Many dangerous machines are frequently used in the manufacturing industry. Employees can seriously get hurt due to flying objects, sparks, and more when working with such equipment. Resource and implement the right machine guards, and document the proper procedures needed when working with this equipment. Communicate this to your teams and make sure they have all received the necessary training. Don’t forget to always inspect and maintain machinery at your organisation to avoid potential injuries.   

Where You Can Find Expert Information 

Our team of experts recently recorded a webinar with the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) magazine to give their insights into the 2021/2022 HSE statistics and where the manufacturing industry falls within this data. Our experts also share key tips to help you create a safer work environment for your employees and much more.  

To learn more about HSE statistics and what you can do to protect your people, watch our webinar, Expert Analysis of the HSE Statistics 2021/2022 in Manufacturing, now. 

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