Semac as a partner

Semac as a partner

Published January 18, 2019

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Semac is a security company that through knowledge-based and future-oriented solutions creates security, secures values ​​and increases everyday preparedness for our customers.

At Semac, we have extensive experience with the use and adaptation of various types of electronic crisis support tools. For us, it is important that the tool can be used on both mobile phone, tablet or PC and that we can adapt the system to suite the needs of the organization and customer who will use it.

Semac has gained extensive experience from the police, defense, and security management in public and private business sectors. We continuously develop our employees and services in order to be able to provide our customers, at all times, with credible and future-oriented expertise. All assignments performed by us are within the applicable laws and regulations and accepted industry standards. We run our business with a high ethical standard and at all times focus on the customer’s interests.

Semac is part of AVARN Security. AVARN (formerly Nokas) is one of the Nordic region’s leading security groups with operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Together, we are one of Norway’s largest total suppliers of professional security solutions.

Author Harald Axelsen

Harald has over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and consultancy in emergency preparedness and crisis management. Background from companies such as Safetec, One Voice, UMS and Nordea.

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