What Is EHS Management Software?

What Is EHS Management Software?

Published February 22, 2022

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As health and safety compliance measures increase, the pressure for EHS professionals to meet demand increases as well. Repercussions for improper maintenance of health and safety parameters are only increasing, too, so it is in your business’ best interest to have a streamlined management system for this information. Environmental, Health and Safety Management software can make the job easier. The software helps employees carry out procedures, providing consistent results with fewer mistakes. 

But what is EHS software, really? It is many things wrapped into one platform, in fact, so talking about its capabilities is the best possible way to understand what it is. EHS management software streamlines reporting and information management by collecting all your information and data in one digital location. It helps companies maintain EHS compliance standards by ensuring you have all the necessary information input to the system. EHS management software helps to reduce risks, track and respond to incidents and solve a variety of regulatory compliance challenges. Companies can accurately manage EHS information and report to compliance authorities by use of this software. EHS management software is related to Facility Management softwareQuality Management Software, and Maintenance Management software. This software can help improve your business in multiple ways, so let’s look at a few of those key ways it can help.


‍1. Consistency 


One advantage of EHS management software is that it makes it easier to be consistent with tracking and analysing your data. The software can help staff to follow procedures by ensuring key pieces of information are recorded and communicated to everyone. EHS software can look back into data from past experiences, which will help to provide information for future, similar scenarios. Certain operational details that employees may forget will be front of mind when your entire company is informed via one software platform. You can send alerts, set actions and track progress all in one place. No longer do you have to worry about consistency between the operations of each individual; now you can ensure you have one streamlined protocol to be followed without fail.


2. Mobile 


Mobile applications are a great way to report information, as they are convenient and user friendly. Any information stored on your phone can be synced with that of the office database, so all your information is accessible in one area. Even offline, any information you input will be instantly uploaded when you reconnect to a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. A mobile application will help improve the recording of information at the scene of incidents, and it gives employees the opportunity to report these incidents immediately. While previously they may have had to locate a desktop, or alert the proper individual, now they can do it all themselves on one mobile application. This convenient feature will not only increase the accuracy of your reporting, but also help to reduce the time spent by employees handling incident aftermath and increase their engagement with health and safety protocols.


3. Streamline Your Data


Standardized forms both online and offline will help staff and management collect any and all suitable information, no matter the incident. The forms can be adjusted to fit the particular needs of the situation and comply with standards and regulations your company is subject to following. While templates and forms may differ, the protocol for reporting will now be the same each time. Employees will be prompted to fill in thorough information about the incident, and the information on that form will sync to your database upon completion.

You can also utilize the dashboard features of EHS software to display the information you would like to collect in the most digestible manner. Confusing or complex representations of data make it hard to utilize, and EHS software eliminates this issue. Dashboards are also customisable, so you can choose the format that works best for you and your team to understand and put to use.


‍4. Compliance


Compliance is one of the greatest concerns in health and safety for companies of all industries. Staff need to be up to date with procedures, but all procedures change over time. Without software, it is hard to ensure everyone is on the same page. EHS management solutions can help inform and update staff with the advent of new regulations, so that your business always operates inside of the law. Alerts and updates can be sent out expediently, so nobody is ever misinformed or left wondering how to proceed.

This will help your business save money, too. As regulations increase in number and stringency, fines increase in cost. Utilizing software to stay consistently compliant will help you avoid fines or breaches of any rules, so you can focus your time and resources elsewhere.


‍5. Improved Employee Engagement and Confidence


EHS Management Software can improve employee confidence, too. Investing in this software shows your employees that their well-being is on the top of your list of priorities. It also gives them an easy way to submit incident reports when incidents do occur or assign tasks that help their colleagues prioritize safety. If your employees know that the well-being of staff is incorporated as a key part of the running of day-to-day operations, their morale will increase. The confidence your employees have in your business’ ability to protect and prioritize their well-being certainly affects productivity and quality of work, too. When employees are satisfied, they act as the best possible spokespeople for your business. Thus, increasing employee confidence in the company, their ability to do their job and their well-being has innumerable benefits.

In addition to making sure your employees are satisfied and confident, you should also work to increase their engagement in their work. The more productive they are, the more your business will flourish. EHS software can inherently boost employee engagement. When your workers are given an easy and accessible way to create reports, they are more likely to do so. When you can assign and track tasks and actions, employees are more likely to complete them fully and effectively. The level of communication and oversight that EHS software provides, coupled with its numerous opportunities for collaboration, fosters a productive culture of teamwork. Your employees will see that their feedback is valuable to management, as they are given the means to give input. At the same time, they will also see how much you prioritize the completion of tasks with the highest level of diligence.


6. Reduce Time Lost to Injury 


Keeping up to date on regulations and knowing how to communicate updated rules to your employees, means you can stay on track when it comes to safety. No employee will be out of the loop or untrained on how to operate in new or unfamiliar settings. Often, it is a lack of information or knowledge about safe operation that leads to injury in the workplace. The abundance of data collected by EHS management software, and easily understandable dashboards presenting this data, will enable employees to gather the information they need to run a safer environment in the workplace. This safer work environment will lead to the reduction of time lost to injury, so your employees can stay safe and stay working.


‍7. Increased Customer Trust


The introduction of EHS management software will help customers see that your business is taking employee health and safety seriously. While employee health and safety may not directly affect the product or service they are purchasing, it carries huge weight in terms of how your customers view your business. Reputation management is key in helping any business to thrive. One of the tangential benefits of EHS management software is that it helps reputational management. Customers will see that you care for your employees’ wellbeing and have more trust in your ability to care for their own customer and user experience. This could even draw in potential new customers. This creates a wholly beneficial positive feedback look, where customer and company morale raise in tandem. High morale will help the business to run as smoothly as possible while keeping your employees motivated to work. 




EHS management software helps companies to reduce risk and to comply with appropriate regulations and reduce time off as a result of injury. In turn, you have the potential to see revenue increases, more trust from customers and investors, and even more benefits. No matter your preconceptions about whether this software can benefit you, it is worth a look. No matter your industry, it can help the efficiency of your business and the satisfaction of your employees increase. In turn, you

EHS software for construction for instance, assists constructions companies to improve their management and regulatory compliance. In more traditional office settings, it gives you an easy way to ensure risk mitigation when allowing employees to work from home. Companies of all industries and sizes should have a safety program in place, and EHS software is a convenient way to manage conducting this program. The software helps to reduce risks linked with environmental regulations, too – an area of increasing importance. Take the leap into software, and see the benefits pour in.

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