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The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual international campaign to promote and protect employees through safe and healthy work practices. It is held on 28 April and has been observed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) since 2003. This Sunday Safety and Health will be put to the forefront.

The International Labour Organization is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social justice and promote best practice work by setting international labour standards.


The main aims of the ILO

The main aims of the ILO are to promote rights at work, encourage employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen discussion on work-related issues.

According to ILO “Every day, 6,300 people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases across the world – more than 2.3 million deaths per year. 317 million accidents occur on the job annually; many of these resulting in extended absences from work.”

The World Day this year attempts to take stock of a 100 years of work in improving occupational safety and health and looks to the future for continuing these efforts through major changes such as technology, demographics, sustainable development including climate change and changes in work organization.


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The World Day celebration on 28 April 2019 will be only the beginning of worldwide events and activities to continue throughout the rest of the year.


Safety Culture in the workplace

It is everyone’s responsibility to create a national occupational safety and health culture in which the right to a safe and healthy working environment is respected at all levels. Over the last number of years, it is evident that safety culture should be brought higher on the priority list. These statistics above are far too high and it is everyone’s duty to ensure that they are reduced year by year.


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At EcoOnline, we want to help companies create a safer working environment and, in line with The World Day for Safety and Health at Work this weekend, we are offering you the chance to streamline health and safety management within your organisation by gaining completely FREE access to our new Health and Safety Software suite Safety Manger.

Safety Manager

EcoOnline’s Safety Manager is a comprehensive SaaS solution that gives you access to the tools you need to get on track with health and safety management.

Plan, manage and implement, in a single, highly flexible tool designed to support the way you work. Build checklists, conduct inspections, assign actions and report accidents. Customise your own templates or use one of the default templates made by EcoOnline’s experienced safety professionals. Assign investigators or coordinators.

With intelligent workflows you can involve and engage the whole workforce to make sure necessary safety management procedures and control measures are completed.


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26. April 2019