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APS Group
Case Study

APS Group

Needing an intuitive solution to help manage COSHH assessments, APS Group turned to Sypol.

About APS Group

APS Group are a giant in the UK food manufacturing industry - they are the largest supplier of tomatoes to high street retailers and are responsible for approximately 30% of total UK production. They employ over 750 people across 7 UK sites.

APS Group's COSHH management challenge

APS Group sites are responsible for their own health, safety and environmental strategy. An approach that would work for one site would not necessarily work for another due to the processes and product areas within each site. When APS Teeside carried out an audit on their site, they were surprised to find that they were using more hazardous products than they were aware of in the everyday running of their business.

Although APS uses 20-30 substances to fertilise their tomatoes, this did not take in to consideration the 300+ oils, greases and small ancillary products that they were also using on a day to day basis. Due to ongoing changes in legislation, APS recognised that they needed a solution that would help them to manage and update all of their COSHH assessments to ensure they were compliant with legislation.

"The Sypol CMS is accessible across all of our sites, easy-to use and intuitive in many ways."

Gary Swayne, Group SHE Manager, APS Group

How does Sypol help?

Sypol worked with APS to implement a bespoke COSHH management solution that would help them keep their 1,300 COSHH assessments up to date and stay in control of their COSHH compliance. APS recognised that implementing Sypol CMS to update their COSHH assessments in line with legislative updates would save more than 300 work hours, time that they could then use to improve other core areas of their business.

The benefits of using the Sypol COSHH management system

APS needed reliable, consistent and accessible software that could be used across their business. Implementing Sypol CMS meant that they had an easy-to-use online tool that would help them to achieve this goal. The software also flags when COSHH assessments need to be updated in line with new legislation, a core feature of the CMS that APS places significant value on.

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