Case Study - NSG

Protecting Employees with Access to Actionable Data

Paul Shacklady, Health and Safety Global Manager at NSG Group, is able to truly analyse safety performance with access to actionable data and analytics, helping the team determine areas of concern and improvements.









The Mission The Solution The Impact
Access to robust data and analytics to make fact-based decisions to improve workplace safety.
EcoOnline’s incident reporting tool and mobile app empowers employees to report an incident, accident or near-miss in real-time. 
Greater transparency into what's working and not working on multiple sites, which can then be presented to leadership to prioritise areas of concern. 

Now, Paul has access to real-time data which allows him to get a better view into deficiencies and improvements across multiple sites. With this information, his team can make quick decisions to create a safer place to work for all employees. 

“The actions module is going to be a game changer for us. It allows us to highlight areas of concern and get real-time data so we can react a lot quicker.” 


Paul Shacklady, Health and Safety Global Manager, NSG Group

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From risk assessment to advance root cause analysis software, EcoOnline’s EHS solution has a variety of modules to help you truly understand your safety status.  

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