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Case Study

The Plastic Surgeon

As part of its strategic plan, The Plastic Surgeon uses Sypol to save time, effort and provide peace of mind when it comes to all things COSHH.

About The Plastic Surgeon

The Plastic Surgeon are a UK based fine finishing cosmetic repair company who employ over 250 staff throughout the UK. They work across a range of sectors and service thousands of clients.

Keeping staff and customers safe

How Sypol helps to manage hazardous substances

Health and safety is high on the list of priorities at The Plastic Surgeon, forming part of their strategic plan. They have a large team who operate across the UK and use a significant number of chemical products, so it can be difficult to ensure that their team are working safely and are protected from the hazardous products they use regularly. With high risk chemical products like fillers, adhesives and solvent based paints, they needed to control these substances and be aware of what they contain so that they can use the right protection for their staff.  

“Using Sypol's COSHH management software saves us time, man hours and gives us peace of mind that we have all of the protection in place to keep our people safe.”

James Winston, Research and Development Engineer, The Plastic Surgeon

The Plastic Surgeon use Sypol's CMS to access the thousands of COSHH assessments that they need for the everyday running of their business and to determine what protection to provide their staff. The advice and guidance they receive from the Sypol helpdesk team is also invaluable for them to effectively communicate the correct protection needed when working on site.

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