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Building a Proactive Safety Approach with eCompliance

With 14 locations across three provinces, Spartan Controls delivers innovation in industrial services to a multitude of customers in Western Canada. From automation services to specified training, this organisation has offered its services for over 60 years to various industries, such as oil and gas, mining, and more. With a noble vision to create a safer and more sustainable world for their teams and customers, Spartan Controls is helping to protect people and the environment one customer at a time.  

Brendon Doig, the Manager of Safety and Security, explained how eCompliance, part of EcoOnline Global, has helped streamline safety and connect their widespread workforce. They have also experienced greater efficiency and a culture shift, where employees are more engaged in safety activities and reporting. With these elements combined, Spartan Controls has been able to effectively build a more proactive approach to safety.  

“We want to be at the same table as industry and our customers supporting the evolution of safety,” said Brendon. “We want to drive the proactive piece of safety rather than the historic reactive piece, which is what eCompliance is helping us do that other competitor safety digital solutions couldn’t.”  



improvement in the completion of action items


decrease in incident severity 


increase in employee form submissions


The Challenge


One of the main challenges Brendon and his team faced was difficulty managing safety across all sites using a paper and Excel-based safety system. Subsequently, the team faced administrative burden efficiency losses. Most of their time was spent managing paperwork and completing actions manually rather than tackling key priorities. This method made it difficult to follow up on tasks and provide feedback or corrective actions to teams, based on forms submitted.   

With a workforce spread across 14 locations, participation and connection amongst locations and teams were harder to gauge. Using a paper-based system made employees feel there was no feedback loop when forms were submitted. This resulted in lower safety engagement. Many employees also traveled from customer site to customer site and had to manually manage hazard reports and inspections, which was inefficient. This resulted in a safety culture that was not at its highest potential. 

Manual processes and Excel spreadsheets also led to little insight into safety metrics and KPIs. Building reports using this method proved cumbersome when tracking data and took a long time to make. Because of this, teams found themselves reacting to incidents or near misses, as they had little insight into leading or lagging indicators.  

A reactive safety approach is not ideal in such a high-risk industry, so Spartan's safety team began looking for an alternative safety management system. “We needed a better system,” Brendon explained.

“We needed a system that provided efficiency gains, trending and analytics, and a solution that organically helped to create a stronger safety culture.” eCompliance was able to deliver on all these elements and more!

Why Spartan Controls Chose eCompliance, Part of EcoOnline Global

“Our team has become more efficient and effective because of our partnership with eCompliance. Without eCompliance, we wouldn’t have the analytics and insights that we now have and the ability to objectively identify improvements and actions.”

Brendon Doig, Manager of Safety and Security, Spartan Controls

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The Solution

Today, Spartan Controls is completely paperless. They have digitised and centralised all their safety information and data into one, easily accessible digital solution, which has helped to streamline their processes. Everything is now automated, as employees can complete inspections and forms within the system, hit submit, and drive the necessary corrective actions.  


Improved Safety Culture

eCompliance has helped connect their teams as they all work within one system. With a mobile workforce, the mobile app has also been essential as it offers offline capabilities and is extremely user-friendly. Employees can easily complete forms and inspections as it is now at their fingertips. This has resulted in a shift in the safety culture with increased engagement and reporting.  



Robust Reporting

The robust reporting engine and advanced analytics capabilities have also given Brendon and his team a chance to gain greater visibility into their safety program. This has allowed them to be more proactive and track trends and patterns to efficiently protect their teams and customers. “We wanted to be at the forefront of driving proactive improvement, and what better way to do that than through advanced analytics, machine learning, and predictive capabilities,” explained Brandon. “The eCompliance solution offers that through the ease of reporting.”  



30% Decrease in Incident Severity

With increased reporting and information collected, Brendon and his team have also been able to build a more proactive approach to safety and trend the right data to adequately protect their employees and customers. This effective approach has resulted in a 30% decrease in incident severity, which truly showcases how with the help of a digital solution, the team has created safer spaces to work.    

The Results


Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 4.03.24 PM (1)

With the help of a digital safety solution, Spartan Controls has seen several safety successes. For instance, they have observed a 75% improvement in the completion of action items, with the average days to complete actions being 0.64 days. They have also seen a 600% increase in form submissions and reports, which indicates greater employee engagement and stronger safety culture.   

Brendon also shared that the level of commitment to the customer that the eCompliance customer service team offers is second to none. The team was there when he needed them and continues to support Spartan Controls in catering the software to the organisation’s needs. 

A greater connection to industry peers and the safety community was another element that eCompliance offered Spartan Controls. Brendon can now share best practices with other eCompliance customers, allowing them to grow and learn from one another to drive proactive, continuous improvement. 

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When asked what advice Brendon would give his peers who continue to use traditional, manual processes, he said, “The cost and time saved alone are just some of the many benefits. Don’t wait! Take that leap and do it.”  

We are honored to be a part of Spartan Control’s safety journey and cannot wait to share in many more safety milestones to come. Eager to find out how eCompliance, part of EcoOnline Global, can help you elevate safety at your organisation?

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