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Discover how Tesco manages their safety data infrastructure with the help of EcoOnline 

A leading international food retailer, Tesco operates across over 4000 sites and is the largest private-sector employer in the UK. With such large-scale operations, effective risk management is a multi-faceted and ongoing task for the organisation. 

Managing large amounts of data from different sectors is a challenge for any business. To prevent siloing, Tesco has worked closely with EcoOnline to collate data from different sources into one central location. This has given management an improved understanding of risk in the business and empowers them to make better decisions. 

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Workers across Tesco plc


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Stores operating across 5 countries

The Mission

Gain a complete oversight of risk in the business, while effectively managing data.

The Solution

The Info Exchange platform connects multiple data endpoints, bringing all the information together.

The Impact

Business is managed using a risk metric rather than a performance metric.

"The problem that we were facing into is that like all large organisations, Tesco has lots of really important information to manage risk, but it's really siloed."

Matt Doughty – Group Risk Systems Manager – Tesco 

The Story

Large retailers like Tesco must manage significant amounts of data from a variety of sources. Whether safety data or information from suppliers, it can easily form siloes which inhibit decision-making and can lead to unnecessary duplication. 

After looking at a number of solutions, EcoOnlines Info Exchange software was the winner throughout Tesco’s rigorous procurement and RFP process. Info Exchange allows companies to digitise their key business processes and feed the resulting data into a central platform. 

For Matt Doughty and his team, this had a significant impact in the management of risk registers.  Having a complete view of risk to the business has enabled Tesco to shift from managing lagging performance indicators to leading performance indicators. Outputs from the platform are easily available to the leadership team to aid in decision-making. 

According to Matt, a significant factor in their choice of software was the support they received from EcoOnline team members. We pride ourselves on always working closely with our clients to make sure they are getting the most out of their software investment. 

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