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Case Study


With a 'Doing It Right' attitude, Info Exchange has helped Winvic create both an incident reporting and HSE inspections app. 

About Winvic

Winvic is one of the UK’s leading construction contractors with an £800m+ turnover, employing more than 400 staff - and additional sub-contractors - at various construction sites across the country.

Helping Winvic to improve behavioural safety

Winvic is one of the UK’s leading construction contractors with an £800m+ turnover, employing more than 400 staff - and additional sub-contractors - at various construction sites across the country.

Health and safety is a core focus for Winvic, who take a proactive approach to ensuring the safety of all staff and visitors to its sites.

Whilst the company's health and safety record is already outstanding, the business is committed to continual improvements through its ‘Doing It Right’ behavioural safety initiative.

The ‘Doing It Right’ initiative is a cultural change programme to further improve behavioural safety. With commitment from every corner of the main contractor’s operations and supply chain, Winvic aims to reduce the number of incidents by preventing ‘walk bys’ and to share – and applaud – examples of good practice.

To support its high standards of health and safety, the business set about evolving its health and safety reporting and monitoring processes.

We worked with Winvic to digitise its health and safety reporting and monitoring processes via its Info Exchange software, providing Winvic with a more holistic view of the business’ health and safety activity.

“Since using Info Exchange software, our accident and incident reporting processes have become much easier. The platform is incredibly simple to use and has made us far more streamlined when it comes to health and safety reporting.”

Rob Pope, Head of HSEQ (Multiroom), Winvic

The challenge

Winvic has been on a long-term journey of growth since its formation in 2001, and as the firm continues to develop, so does the need for ongoing investment in enhanced digital systems.

The company’s approach to reporting accidents, and recording routine health and safety checks has served the business well, but with more than 400 staff and additional sub-contractors working at many different construction sites, it recognised that a more streamlined and holistic view of all health and safety activity would enable the business to maintain and build on its exemplary record.

The solution

The business introduced a new approach to managing health and safety reporting and monitoring processes using one of our cutting edge online platforms - called Info Exchange - that gives staff full visibility of each site’s health and safety activity.

Two applications have been set up for Winvic on the Info Exchange platform:

  • The first is an incident reporting app which includes observation reporting. The app is used to record all reported incidents and allows any person connected with the project to report unsafe acts and conditions along with good practice
  • The second app is focused around health, safety and environmental inspections to record findings of the organisation's general inspection process

The results

Winvic’s accident frequency rate reduced by 25 per cent in the first year it used Info Exchange – which was a fantastic result for the health and safety of its workers and their productivity too.

In addition to the ability to monitor incidents on the platform, automated reports are emailed to senior staff keeping them informed of the incident investigation and close out status, ensuring incidents are investigated and any learning is communicated in a timely manner.

Info Exchange software has not only unlocked a holistic level of visibility for Winvic’s health and safety team to identify outstanding health and safety tasks that need actioning, but it has also enabled the team to run their own data-led reports to identify trends that can help to further mitigate against future accidents.

Winvic is a great example of how technology can play an instrumental role in enhancing the efficiency a large business’s health and safety processes.

Rob concluded: “Thanks to the software, we are able to analyse the reactive and proactive data to identify trends across our business, allowing positive intervention where required to influence re-occurrence. It also identifies good practice trends, allowing us to celebrate our supply chain's success across the business, further enhancing our health and safety performance and culture.

The software has also allowed us to better understand risk areas within each sector of our business and create more focused solutions to risk management.

We have also provided assistance to one of our clients who has adopted the platform within their own business.”

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