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Chemical Reporting Software

Revolutionising the Way Important Safety Data is Shared

Using chemicals in the workplace comes with a high level of responsibility. Maintain best practice in chemical compliance with an intuitive tool that keeps track of all your chemical data in one place.  

“The software helps us to in an easy and effective way fulfil our legal requirements to log the chemicals we use, have the Material Data Sheets easily accessible to all, assess the risks connected to every chemical and store the information for a minimum of ten years after we've stopped using chemicals.” 

Maria Weckman, Safety & Security Leader, IKEA

More chemicals. More paperwork.

Chemicals and paperwork go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re checking the inventory or monitoring chemical use, you’re expected to ensure everything is up-to-date and correct. 


Manage your chemical reports with a click of a button

Think of the amount of time you could save if you had access to a tool that helps you share information with easy-to-understand visuals. 

Make better decisions with up-to-date information

Keep your employees safe with a simple tool that provides an instant preview of your data from one central location. Preview your data and configure reports with the click of a button. You can also prioritise your actions based on specific regulatory restrictions, high-risk occasions, suppliers, or products.

Build tailored reports to monitor chemicals in your organisation. You’ll get the best practice in chemical safety compliance with real-time information that’s available in an instant overview of local and general legislation compliance. 

  • With flexible reporting you can create reports by source or product features and then share your reports with others.
  • Make informed decisions when you have complete control of your data with visualisations keeping you informed in real-time. 
🛠️ Step by Step

Getting started is simple


Skip the guesswork with Chemical Reporting Software 


Tailor your reports, lists and dashboards to suit your compliance needs.


Use the information to prioritise substitution and preventive actions.


Remain compliant and compare your inventory with REACH, COSHH and local legislation.


Share chemical safety reports with others and print PDF overviews of products and hazards.


With several available graph types it’s easy to visualise the top chemical safety priorities.


Instantly run live updates to check inventory.

“The information is presented in such a way that areas of concern can easily be identified. This has enabled us to close areas of concern proactively rather than waiting for an event to occur.” 

Michael Armitage, EHS Manager, Siemens
Chemical Reporting Software

Sharing important safety data just got easier

When you speak with one of our in-house experts, you get to see exactly how our software can work within your current processes to help your organisation grow a positive safety culture. 

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