Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring Software

ALMEGO® from EcoOnline will radically change the way you look at Safety Data Sheet authoring software. It is based on more than a decade of development and dedicated focus on improving the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring process.


User-friendly, highly automated SDS authoring

ALMEGO® offers a very high degree of automation in a SaaS solution. The highly automated processes are supplemented by unique built-in guidance, a flexible structure and an intuitive user interface.

ALMEGO® is a completely new type of SDS authoring software that simplifies the creation of high quality SDS, and is offered through an affordable, usage-based price model.

How to set it up

The 3-Steps In ALMEGO®

Step 1
1. Step

Create Substances

  • First you need the SDS building blocks - the substances.
  • Correct and updated substance information is the foundation of a correct SDS.
  • ALMEGO® offers easy retrieval of updated data from central and country-specific lists.
Step 2
2. Step

Create Mixtures

  • Next you create the mixture and a data-set for the product.
  • ALMEGO® provides a framework for easy data entry.
  • Our CLP calculator, P-phrase algorithm, and a smart workflow make the process very effective.
Step 3
3. Step

Create Documents

  • Finally, you just choose the SDS documents that you want to generate.
  • You won’t see the SDS document until the very last step.
  • ALMEGO® smart rule authoring drafts the entire SDS in any of the approximately 50 available language/country formats.
Demo Video

ALMEGO® 4-Minute Demo

  • See the key steps in creating a Safety Data Sheet - the substance level, the mixture level, and the document level.
  • See how easily you can create Safety Data Sheets in ALMEGO®.
  • See two additional ALMEGO® capabilities - change management and UFI/PCN submission.
Watch 4-min video
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UFI code & PCN Submission

How can I make UFI Code & PCN Submission easy?

Generate UFI, handle and submit PCN dossier system-to-system from ALMEGO to ECHA’s submission portal.

Key features of ALMEGO®

… a high degree of automation through built-in guidance, smart rules authoring, algorithms, and trustworthy CLP calculations. All in a user-friendly, intuitive interface.


Approximately 50 SDS country/language versions across EU, US, Canada, China, South Africa, and many more.

Software guidance and hotline

Built-in guidance functionality. Chat, phone, and email support.


Smart rule authoring, CLP calculation, P-phrase algorithm, and much more, enables a high degree of automation.

Software as a Service

High-degree of flexibility, and 100% cloud-based for easy online access.

ALMEGO® Change Management

Change Management - SDS authoring made easier

ALMEGO® has many features that makes the SDS authoring process more effective: CLP-calculation, look up and import from lists, P-phrase algorithm, smart rule phrase selection, and much more.

This video shows one of our newest features, Change Management, that makes it possible to see how changes in classifications or exposure limits, for example, affect downstream mixtures and which related documents need to be updated.

This is just one of many functionalities that makes your SDS authoring work easier. See more of what's possible in a short demo, and let us change how you see SDS authoring.

Chymeia & Almego Acquisition by EcoOnline

The culmination of over a decade of experience

“ALMEGO is an efficient and intuitive authoring solution for safety data sheets; and an attractive add-on to EcoOnline’s chemical management solution. This acquisition confirms our continued commitment and leading expertise in the chemical management market.”

“This SaaS product has received exceptional critical acclaim and is supported by a highly competent team. The ALMEGO software will enhance EcoOnline’s already expansive chemical safety offerings and will be published in multiple languages in all markets. This acquisition is especially relevant for customers with international operations.”






Göran Lindö, CEO, EcoOnline

"The ALMEGO® system gave us an easy way to produce SDSs with different trade names and in many different languages."

Find SDS examples & language versions

ALMEGO® can handle approximately 50 languages/countries, with more being added regularly. See the languages, countries, and jurisdictions currently available.

Who EcoOnline Works With

Trusted by over 7,000+ clients worldwide

EcoOnline has over 20 years’ experience working with multiple industries across the globe which is why our software offers unrivalled solutions in an industry that is constantly changing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you want from SDS authoring software?

  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Built-in guidance and help functionalities
  • A high degree of automation with smart-rule authoring
  • Easy updating and translations to many languages
  • A trustworthy CLP calculator
  • Easy data migration from existing software
  • Easy integration with other software
  • A price model that is tailored with flexible terms

This is exactly what we have developed with ALMEGO®. This new SDS authoring software has been designed with a focus on the needs of users. Delivered in an up-to-date SaaS platform. See and try it all online.

What is unit pricing?

ALMEGO® SDS authoring software is priced based on usage. You simply pay a yearly fee based on usage of your ALMEGO® SDS database. The yearly fee includes all updates.

Contact us to get a link to a simulator, where you can calculate the price level for your estimated usage.

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