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Read about how EcoOnline mobile technology meet EHS business needs by giving access to off-site and on-site workers.

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Name: Colas

Region: United Kingdom

Employees: 1800 +

Services: Transport Infrastructure; Design, Construction, Maintenance  

Modules: Actions, AI (Events), Audit, Period Stats, Scheduling and WSA (Work Safety Assessment) 

Instant and On the Go Access to EcoOnline

Colas EcoOnline Mobile Business Case

Colas introduced EcoOnline mobile to the whole business as a way of supporting unwanted events. It was rolled out at the same time they announced EcoOnline as their long-term software solution. The company needed the operating system to work on a Windows Mobile Platform as most corporate mobile phones use this operating system within Colas. Colas have over 600 individuals registered on the EcoOnline platform plus a further 600 who have an anonymous generic login. All these individuals can install the app onto their work or private devices from the app stores.

 Why Mobile?

Colas employees are located across the country and could be working on high-speed road networks, a busy airport both day and night, along with numerous construction site activities. EcoOnline Mobile is so much more instantly accessible than the process they previously used - an iPad, telephone call or text message, which also didn't provide as many intelligent data and can sometimes be lost in translation or cause delays in reporting. With over 100 near misses a month, EcoOnline Mobile offers a more robust and efficient way to report, especially as many of those who are using the app are also using their mobile to provide 'photographic evidence' as part of their reporting.

Ease of Use

EcoOnline Mobile empowers good safety ambassadors and instant reporting helps business managers make informed safety decisions. With many workers having limited access to online computers it is vital that when they are off-site and working in potentially high-risk environments they can report all incidents as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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"Mobile users are so much happier being able to get information straight into the database and they know people are seeing it and managing it. they are confident they have delivered their part in managing H&S onsite."

- Pat Sheehan, Head of Health & Safety,
Colas Ltfd

Information straight into the database


Training has been minimal, which has been a great asset of EcoOnline Mobile. we only needed to provide some simple guidance on how to download the app and how to use it- so it was very accessible and easy to use.

We took the opportunity to demonstrate it live on screen during our safety Stand days and Awareness training courses, In one session alone we had over 100 people download the app, so we anticipate this being the way forward as people are more mobile and technologically advanced, and that's across our full employee age range - 18 to retirement!

The Future

Colas currently just use the EcoOnline Mobile app across its Health & Safety, Environment and Quality disciplines for 'near miss' events. 

Colas HSEQ teams have discussed the viability of using EcoOnline Mobile to carry out audits, using EcoOnline's audit templates via a tablet device. Part the Colas business culture  is to ensure efficiency and to continually develop its business improvements and EcoOnline Mobile will certainly help us in this area as well.

The EcoOnline EHS Platform Categories


Health & Safety

Build a deeper understanding of your operational and EHS risks

  • Streamline operational efficiencies and have a clear view of your EHS compliance and risk assessments
  • With ease of use at its core - anyone can report incidents, near misses - wherever they are
  • The more data - the more insights you gain to spot trends, take corrective actions and protect employees

Chemical Safety

Empower your employees to make safe choices and engage in a lasting chemical safety culture

  • One of the largest chemical management databases in Europe
  • Designed to meet right-to-know regulations, including CLP, REACH and the GHS standards
  • Out-of-the-box safety protection sheet for all on-site chemicals

Environmental Safety

Make the transition to a resource-efficient economy

  • Track and reduce organisational emissions
  • Automate and schedule regular reports
  • Meet corporate social responsibility targets

Learning Manager

Streamline and simplify the way you educate your teams

  • Digitally plan, track and report employee training
  • Educate and increase knowledge to mitigate risks and maintain compliance
  • Access an extensive library of relevant courses created by HSEQ experts
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