Client Case Study - EC Power

EC Power

Read about how EcoOnline helped EC Power free up working hours for their employees. 

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Name: EC Power

Region: Hinnerup, Denmark

Employees: 100

Services: CHP Technology, XRGI System 

Modules: Safety Data Sheet Management, Chemical Risk Assessment, Chemical Reporting


Before EC Power had EcoOnline, they to handle a "time consuming" process with their data sheets. This involved search in through all the sheets to find which information they needed, manually add them in to the system, and then linking it to an excel sheet. They then had to update all the sheets continuously which took valuable time away from their employee.

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For EC Power, EcoOnline proved to be the solution to their challenges. Simplifying and reducing the work for their employees due to the easy-to-use software made the company more efficient and their employees time more productive. Having good organization of their data sheets made their work a lot easier and less wasteful for their time. 


“It really has made the job a lot easier. It has become easier because we now just type in the products and then the system does the rest. So, it finds the safety data sheets, makes the workplace instructions and everything - and keeps an eye on changes and updates. So, it has freed up an awful lot of time for us.”

- Tim  Christiansen, Health and Safety Representative EC Power

User Experience and Customer Service

User Experience

The introduction of a new software solution coupled with the team at EC Power... 
Speaking with the Health and Safety Representative at EC Power, Tim Christiansen, he points out;
"Once you get started with it, It's easy to use."
Once you buy the easy-to-use software, EcoOnline provides an online course that shows you how everything works so you and your team are prepared and ready for the transition of the new software. 
Customer Service
EcoOnline are there to help you through this transitional phase of your company and will be on call for any of your questions and needs. Speaking with Tim from EC Power, he mentions the customer service;
"it has been good and competent in relation to the questions I have asked. For example, in relation to how I should use it, or if I knew there was something in the system that I simply could not find. When I have contacted them over the phone, I have received good and competent advice. And as I said, the course has also been a good help in getting started."

Get an overview of your chemicals - in one system;

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The EcoOnline EHS Platform Categories


Health & Safety

Build a deeper understanding of your operational and EHS risks

  • Streamline operational efficiencies and have a clear view of your EHS compliance and risk assessments
  • With ease of use at its core - anyone can report incidents, near misses - wherever they are
  • The more data - the more insights you gain to spot trends, take corrective actions and protect employees

Chemical Safety

Empower your employees to make safe choices and engage in a lasting chemical safety culture

  • One of the largest chemical management databases in Europe
  • Designed to meet right-to-know regulations, including CLP, REACH and the GHS standards
  • Out-of-the-box safety protection sheet for all on-site chemicals

Environmental Safety

Make the transition to a resource-efficient economy

  • Track and reduce organisational emissions
  • Automate and schedule regular reports
  • Meet corporate social responsibility targets

Learning Manager

Streamline and simplify the way you educate your teams

  • Digitally plan, track and report employee training
  • Educate and increase knowledge to mitigate risks and maintain compliance
  • Access an extensive library of relevant courses created by HSEQ experts
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