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Name: Mowi

Region: Norway

Employees: 12,000+

Services/Products: Fillets guide
Steaks, cutlets, portions, loins, kebabs, steak combos (steaks plus tail fillets)
Salmon, white fish or other seafood.
Other options as agreed with the customer

Modules: Safety Data Sheet Management, Chemical Reporting, Chemical Risk Assessments


"EcoOnline has given us a much better overview of our use of chemicals and the risks it entails. We now always have up-to-date safety data sheets, and we can extract good reports in terms of inventory, risk, exposure and much more"


Always up to date 

Keeping track of the chemicals, in accordance with current legal requirements, can be very challenging. Before we started using EcoOnline, we only had a chemical list on paper and used to use the company's health service to risk assess the chemicals for use. It was a challenge here to keep this "up to date" at all times. For example, it took a lot of our time to always obtain the latest safety data sheets.

Good overview

The use of EcoOnline has given us a much better overview of the use of chemicals and the risks associated with this. The system has ensured that we always have up-to-date safety data sheets. In addition, we can extract helpful reports in relation to inventory, risk assessment, exposure and more. We now have a chemical manager per location/department who keeps the documentation for the chemical work up to date.

Less time consuming

EcoOnline is also very receptive to improvement suggestions, and customer service helps if anyone has any questions. Mowi also has a dedicated contact at EcoOnline who delivers first-class service. Furthermore, we see that the notifications we get in the database (e.g. new SDS, need for new risk assessment, automatic exposure warnings, etc.) make the work more manageable and less time-consuming for our chemistry managers.



Get an overview of your chemicals - in one system;


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